Friday, October 31, 2008

Dawn B, Cape May NJ

About Dawn
My name is Dawn, I am married to a great guy who does not mind that I have taken over our bedroom with crafting stuff. I have three boys 17,12,7. They also don’t mind that my hands are always inky! I work full time as a dental assistant (don’t forget to floss) and I love to create, I started as a scrapbooker (gasp) and that just never felt rewarding, there was never a finished project. With cards it’s instant rewards, and I love that I can be out of the box with my shapes colors patterns etc. It’s so much fun. I am so happy that I found Sandy, and Cards for Heroes — what a great way for me to give back to those who give us so much. You can’t put a price on freedom, but you can bless those that serve it!

How long have you been making cards?
I started a few years ago, I really enjoy it, after all we all need something to collect!

How long have you been making cards for CFH?
Not very long, less than a year. My current goal is 100 holiday cards. I love the thought of our heroes being able to send notes home to their families!

What is your favorite kind of card to make?
Oh, this is a hard one! I really like all cards. I do like making teen punk stlye cards. Those are so fun, using funky colors. (How cool is it for a dad or mom to send a card perfect for their teen)

Do you have a special technique you love to use?
Can you pick an easy question next time!!! I like to emboss & I am fond of stickles. Does that count? wink

Colors, style, or product that draw you? This really depends on the season, I love the hot pink / black combo, I also really like fun patterns and those type of things!

What is your motivation to make cards for our heroes?
Finally an easy question . . . Serving is a part of what I need to do. Sometimes as cardmakers we create a card just for the fun of it, and now having a place to send them is like an answer to prayer. Knowing that a wife, husband, mother or father or a little one will get a letter in the mail in a homemade card is just so rewarding. Anyone can email, but there is something about a handwritten letter that just holds close to one’s heart! I was so blessed to find Sandy, and her heart is so huge and so pure how can one not want to help an effort that is one out of 100% love.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Glinda C, Indianapolis IN

[Note: Glinda passed away shortly following the posting of this feature in 2008. We all miss her terribly! She was very proud of being highlighted, though, and had a real heart for our heroes.]

About Glinda
I am retired from a life insurance company, and then a short stint of care giving. I have always been very active in my church. Health problems prevent me from being as active as I would like to be, so I spend most of my time making cards.

How long have you been making cards?
I have been making cards for four years. I found out about CFH just over a year ago on TwoPeas and I have been hooked ever since.

What is your favorite kind of card to make?
I have never seen a card I didn’t want to make. I am especially drawn to the ones with heat embossing. I like cards of all kinds, but the funny ones are my favorite.

What motivates you to make cards for our heroes?
I feel like our troops aren’t alone in defending our country. Anything I can do, be it ever so small like making a card for them to use, is a small part that I can do to help them. GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Joan R, Woodland WA

About Joan
I’ve been married for 45+ years, have 2 grown children, 2 grandchildren and 1 super sweet great-grandson. My husband and I are very supportive of each others hobbies.

How long have you been making cards?
I have been stamping for over 20 years. About 2 years ago I read about this lady in Ohio that was looking for cards to send to the troops so I started sending her some of mine. Then I was looking for a group closer to me - somewhere in Washington - and read about CFH on SCS. I went to the web site and liked what I read. And that’s how I found you.

What is your favorite kind of card to make?
I like uncluttered and realistic cards. I’m not into making real “cutesy” type of cards. For some reason they are very hard for me to make.

What is your favorite kind of technique?
My favorite technique is doing Polished Stone. I love working with the alcohol inks - the way they move around the paper. You never really know what you are going to end up with but it’s always a great design. Guess that is why I have a drawer full of PS papers.

What is your favorite color scheme?
Think my favorite colors are the jewel tone colors. I love the richness of these and think maybe purple is my most favorite.

What is your motivation to make cards for our heroes?
I really enjoy card making and this gives me an outlet and purpose for the cards I make. But this is something I can do for those who protect my freedom. The soldiers did not ask to be away from the family and friends. They are doing what their “boss” has asked/told them to do. If these cards help them and/or their families in any way, then I have been blessed and repaid.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Hallie and Taylor, FL

This week, we have very special guests: Hallie and Taylor, two young girls from Florida, and their grandma Denise! Please feel free to leave a comment on this thread for the girls!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Teresa P, Hendersonville NC

About Teresa
Married to a wonderful man who is very supportive of my paper/stamp addiction. I have 2 grown married children and one grandson. I am a fulltime hairstylist.

How long have you been making cards?
Coloring stamped images is relaxing as well as a great time filler! I started paper crafting in 2000 as a scrapbooker. I found twopeasinabucket in 2006 and became hooked on the cards part of it. Actually the stamps are addiciting!

How long making them for our heroes?
This past May during SOF I really investigated CFH and was impressed with the desire to contribute!

What is your favorite kind of card to make?
My favorite cards are the funny humorous ones. It provides comic relief to people in stressful situations! In my own life humor can save the day sometimes.

What is your motivation to make cards for our heroes?
It seems such a little thing to make these cards, but the contact it provides to families can be huge! Cell phone calls and email are great, but having a card in hand is a written memory anyone will cherish!


Friday, August 15, 2008

Paula S, Stamford CT

About Paula
I’m a single 43 year old Graphic Designer in Stamford, Connecticut. I’ve been involved in “creative endeavors” for about as long as I can remember. College for me was “art school” at Parson’s School of Design in NYC and now I make my living doing something I love. Among many interests I am an avid reader, like Country music, Talk Radio, MLB baseball and papercrafts of course!

How long have you been making cards?
Probably about age 5 or 6 with an early box of Crayolas and some construction paper…but admittedly my work has gotten more sophisticated over the years.

How long making them for our heroes?
My first shipment to CFH was in April 2008, so it’s been about 5 months now.

How did you find out about CFH?
I had participated in a RAK Swap at the Papercrafts Magazine site, early in the year, for someone who was collecting cards for soldiers and really enjoyed it. My card making/stamping interest had started to decline because I couldn’t use nearly as much as I made, but after participating in this swap it occurred to me that even though I didn’t have any personal contacts in the military I could search the web for groups who were making and collecting cards. I came across the CFH site and it was so nicely done and made it so simple to participate, I knew I had found what I was looking for.

What is your favorite kind of card to make?
I can’t really say I have a favorite kind of card. One of the things I like most about making cards for CFH is that I can make whatever strikes me…Kids Birthday’s, Florals, Masculine Designs… there is a need for most everything and anything. I sometimes make a bunch of one design and at other times maybe just one or two of a design as I challenge myself to use up my odds-and-ends scraps.

Do you have a special technique you love to use?
I like to mix it up, depending on my mood, sometimes coloring— watercolor, colored pencils, markers— other times embossing or just stamping. Often I will work in “stages"— stamp & color a bunch of images, then cut and layer them, then create backgrounds and finally put it all together.

Are there styles, colors, or product that inspire you?
I love red, white and blue so Patriotic themes are easy for me. Also, subtle tone-on-tone stamping and I love mixing up textures techniques and products, for instance I often stamp on an already printed paper. I not too long ago discovered the Cuttlebug embossing folders and I am loving them!

What is your motivation to make cards for our heroes?
As a first generation American I am very aware that the freedoms we have are protected every single day by these heroes. I see my creativeness as a gift from God and couldn’t possibly find a better way to honor him then by honoring all those who serve.

Visit Paula’s blog by clicking here!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Lori L, Elyria OH

About Lori
My name is Lori, I live in Ohio with my hubby of 24 years. I have 3 children ages 22, 18, and 15. My family is my life, we are all very close. I’ve always loved crafts of all sorts and have tried many different things over the years, but paper crafts is one of my favorites.

How long have you been making cards?
When I was a young girl I always looked forward to special occasions and holidays because it meant that I could make something for that person. I had a shoebox full of glue, crayons, scissors, construction paper, and glitter. While other kids my age were outside playing, I was in my room crafting, and I haven’t stopped craftin’ since, lol!

How long making them for our heroes?
I suppose it’s been approximately 6 months or so.

How did you learn about CFH?
I met Sandy and Claudia (wonderful ladies) thru an online scrapbooking message board and learned thru them.

What is your favorite kind of card to make?
I’m not sure I have a favorite, although I still love making special birthday cards for family members, it’s a labor of love. But I love making all different kinds.

Do you have a special technique you like to use?
I love using chalks on my cards, I love the soft effect it gives. But I would love to learn new techniques.

Are there colors, style, or product that draw you?
I love working with vintage type of materials, old jewelry finds, doo-dads, lace, ribbons, buttons. I also love anything “nature” as well as cute cuddly animal images.

What is your motivation to make cards for our heroes?
My younger brother Ron has been with the Air Force for years. And although he had been taken overseas a couple times for calls of duty, nothing compared to the worry and fear we all felt when he was deployed to Iraq when the war started. When the whole family gathered at my house that Christmas, including Ron’s wife and 3 kids, I had set a special setting for Ron at the dinner table, instead of Ron sitting there where he should have been, I had a candle set in his honor and his wife and kids lit the candle as we all sat down to dinner. Thank the Good Lord that he came home safe many months later. When I learned of Cards for Heroes I knew it was something I had to do. I can’t even fathom the things our soldiers go thru for us, and they ask for nothing in return. Every single one of them is a hero.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Kris A, Olathe KS

About Kris
I’m a SAHM to two teenages (14 year old daughter - Freshman and 17 year old son - Junior) and married for 19 years to my husband Terry. I love to volunteer. Some of the places I volunteer are Operation Christmas Child, CFH, Operation Quiet Comfort, Youth missions coordinator at church, Homes Association board member, PTO and for my kids’ sports teams. We live in Olathe KS but I’m a Washington State native. I have also lived in Michigan and Arizona.

How long have you been making cards?
I have been stamping since about 1998. Met someone at a church we visited when we first moved here and went to a party she had and was hooked.

How long making them for our heroes?
Since January 2008.

What is your favorite kind of card to make?
My favorite card would be birthday and Christmas cards.

Do you have a special technique you love to use?
I will try any technique at least once. At the moment, my favorite would be coloring with my prismacolor pencils and mineral spirits. Generally I like the simple, elegant style of cards with few embellishments or layers.

Are there colors, style, or product that draw you?
Bright colors, anything green, any shaped brad and ribbon. But then again, it depends on my creative mood and time of the year.

What motivates you to make cards for our heroes?
My husband was in the Army in the early 80’s and our nephew returned home this past December from his second tour in Iraq. We also know several people at church who have a family member serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Lisa R, Lexington TN

Lisa’s Blog, The Tattered Tiara

About Lisa
A few years ago I moved to west TN, after living in Nashville, TN for over 35 years. There is no place like home. I’m blessed with two sons, Josh and Dakota. I’m also fortunate to have two kitties, Kahn & Bonnie Chelulah who run the household for me.

How long have you been making cards?
I believe those Valentine’s we made in elementary school started a card obsession for me. I’ve always loved to send cards. Imagine my delight at discovering rubber stamps in 1992. I had been scrapbooking for several years at that point. Cardmaking allowed me to use supplies on hand while venturing into a new world without limits.

How long making them for our heroes?
I began in the summer of 2007.

What is your favorite kind of card to make?
I enjoy the process of creating any type of card. My favorite are the mixed media cards using vintage images paired with unpredictable quotes.

Do you have a special technique you love to use?
I love the magic color pencil technique or more recently using markers and an aqua pen to color in stamped images.

Are there colors, style, or product that draw you?
The following are always on my worktable, K & Co., Basic Grey, 7gypsies patterned paper, Versafine ink, Purple Onion Design rubberstamps and a little bucket filled with bling.

What motivates you to make cards for heroes?
My pop, brother, uncles, grandfather, several cousins and my best friend have all served in the Army, Navy, Airforce and Marine Corp. Their service to our country totals over 100 years. Cardmaking is the least I can due to encourage our heroes.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Louise G, Niles IL

Louise’s Blog, Kard Krazy

About Louise
I’m 50 years old, married, and the proud mum (love that word) of one 21 year old son. I’ve worked for the State of Illinois as a court reporter for the last 30 years. It’s a great job, but does nothing to feed my creative spirit at all! Scrapbooking, stamping, altered projects, cardmaking and blogging are my creative outlets.

How long have you been making cards?
I started making cards about seven years ago after making my first scrapbook. I had lots of stuff left over and it just seemed to make sense. Since then I’ve loved the instant gratification that comes from card making. I’ve also found cardmaking as a great to give to others through a card ministry at our church as well as Cards for Heroes.

How long making them for our heroes?
I made my first batch of cards this spring. I had a cardmaking party as well where some close friends of mine gathered together to make cards. It was fun and productive!

What's your favorite kind of card to make?
My style has evolved from the early days when I used to use stickers on my cards to cards that featured mostly stamping to presently I am really
trying to learn the art of collage. I always have been drawn to collage.

Do you have a special technique you love to use?
I especially like when I can incorporate old family pictures into my work. I like to sort of create stories with my cards, and that really helps make it personal.

Are there colors, style, or products that draw you?
I love vintage and retro looks. That’s what I seem to be creating more and more of lately.

What motivates you to make cards for heroes?
My husband is a VietNam veteran. It is something that never leaves you. I know there is another generation of soldiers now that will be going through the same thing. It’s a little thing – but it’s a big thing, too, to be able to make cards for our soldiers.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Nancy M-J, Ann Arbor MI

Nancy’s Blog: Vintage Papers
Nancy’s company: Sugarlump Studios

About Nancy
I reside outside Ann Arbor, Michigan. Married to Steve. Mother of 3 children: Ian, Andrew and Allison. I work in a High School as a para-professional and my assignment is a student who has Asberger’s Syndrome (autism). I love to dabble in mixed media art, stamping, and scrapbooking. My heritage is very important to me and I love to create art that reflects that.

How long have you been making cards?
I ventured into card making in the spring of 2006. I was an avid scrapbooker prior to that. Now I love stamps and mixed media projects.

How long making them for our heroes?
I sent my first donation to CFH in July 2007.

What's your favorite kind of card to make?
I love vintage images combined with stamping. Romantic cards would be my favorite.

Do you have a special technique you love to use?
Vintage images combined with stamping.

Are there colors, styles, or products that draw you?
I love vintage and old fashioned items. K & Co., Basic Grey and Anna Griffin are my favorite papers.

What motivates you to make cards for heroes?
I wish I had more time in my schedule to make cards to donate. I love when we have challenges and I see the love and support from stampers who want to brighten the day of those in our military.