Friday, February 1, 2008

April W, Taylors SC

About April
I have been stamping for about 16 years! It started with a lady showing a group of us how to emboss with embossing powder. I was hooked! I live in South Carolina with my builder husband. I have 2 sons ages 18 and 20.

How long have you been making cards?
I started making Christmas cards when I was about 5 or 6 years old! I would have my mother put them in with her Christmas cards. Of course they were drawn and colored. I have been stamping on cards for about 16 years now.

How long making them for our heroes?
I have been making cards for heroes about 2 years.

What's your favorite kind of card to make?
I like various styles, but I enjoy making cards with techniques the most.

Do you have a special technique you love to use?
One I use a lot is a brayer technique. Brayer over a multicolored ink pad. Spritz the brayer with water. Add some dabs of 2 different colors of Marvy Metallic markers to the brayer. Spritz the brayer again with water and roll brayer over glossy card stock. This makes a beautiful and interesting background.

Are there colors, styles, or products that draw you?
I like vivid colors whether they be darker or brighter. I think I like the artsy style, but like cute also.

What motivates you to make cards for heroes?
They are over there away from family doing a very dangerous and sometimes thankless job for our freedom. I also feel for their families who sacrifice much to have them in the military. I know the heroes greatly appreciate having something special to send home to their families and that the families enjoy receiving them.