Friday, March 21, 2008

Claudia F, Rice Lake WI

About Claudia
I live in NW WI with my husband of 28 years. We have 3 grown children and one grandson.

How long have you been making cards?
I’ve been making cards, stamping and scrapbooking for almost 10 years. I’ve always loved crafts and for years was a decorative painter. I really enjoy working with papers, stamps, ink and embellishments, and I can make something so much faster than if I was painting it.

How long making them for our heroes?
I can’t quite remember — pretty close to a year!

What's your favorite kind of card to make?
I love making romantic, simple, pretty cards or anything floral. I also make all different kinds of cards, whatever is needed in the next box to ship out to my contacts.

Do you have a special technique you love to use?
No special technique but I find myself using ribbon in almost every card I make. I also want to do more embossing with powders, I love that look.

Are there colors, styles, or products that draw you?
I love color, especially ocean blue and ocean green but pink is also a favorite. I love ribbon and anything floral. I’m addicted to anything with flowers or nature on it and have quite a collection of floral papers, stamps and embellishments.

What motivates you to make cards for heroes?
I love helping others, it makes me feel so good inside. I met Sandy through an online scrapbooking group and heard about her project and felt the need to help. I hope I can touch the hearts of the servicemen/women and their families, they are doing such a brave thing for all of us.

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