Friday, August 15, 2008

Paula S, Stamford CT

About Paula
I’m a single 43 year old Graphic Designer in Stamford, Connecticut. I’ve been involved in “creative endeavors” for about as long as I can remember. College for me was “art school” at Parson’s School of Design in NYC and now I make my living doing something I love. Among many interests I am an avid reader, like Country music, Talk Radio, MLB baseball and papercrafts of course!

How long have you been making cards?
Probably about age 5 or 6 with an early box of Crayolas and some construction paper…but admittedly my work has gotten more sophisticated over the years.

How long making them for our heroes?
My first shipment to CFH was in April 2008, so it’s been about 5 months now.

How did you find out about CFH?
I had participated in a RAK Swap at the Papercrafts Magazine site, early in the year, for someone who was collecting cards for soldiers and really enjoyed it. My card making/stamping interest had started to decline because I couldn’t use nearly as much as I made, but after participating in this swap it occurred to me that even though I didn’t have any personal contacts in the military I could search the web for groups who were making and collecting cards. I came across the CFH site and it was so nicely done and made it so simple to participate, I knew I had found what I was looking for.

What is your favorite kind of card to make?
I can’t really say I have a favorite kind of card. One of the things I like most about making cards for CFH is that I can make whatever strikes me…Kids Birthday’s, Florals, Masculine Designs… there is a need for most everything and anything. I sometimes make a bunch of one design and at other times maybe just one or two of a design as I challenge myself to use up my odds-and-ends scraps.

Do you have a special technique you love to use?
I like to mix it up, depending on my mood, sometimes coloring— watercolor, colored pencils, markers— other times embossing or just stamping. Often I will work in “stages"— stamp & color a bunch of images, then cut and layer them, then create backgrounds and finally put it all together.

Are there styles, colors, or product that inspire you?
I love red, white and blue so Patriotic themes are easy for me. Also, subtle tone-on-tone stamping and I love mixing up textures techniques and products, for instance I often stamp on an already printed paper. I not too long ago discovered the Cuttlebug embossing folders and I am loving them!

What is your motivation to make cards for our heroes?
As a first generation American I am very aware that the freedoms we have are protected every single day by these heroes. I see my creativeness as a gift from God and couldn’t possibly find a better way to honor him then by honoring all those who serve.

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