Friday, September 4, 2009

Best card size: A2

The preferred size for cards for our boxes are A2 cards - 5.5" x 4.25". These are achieved simply by using a piece of cardstock cut in half and folded. (Either direction, a vertically-opening or horizontally-opening card, both shown at right).

There's a reason we do request this size — both as a benefit to our heroes, to OWH, and to you!

Benefit to our heroes
The more cards, the merrier, as far as our heroes are concerned — the more cards we get into a box, the more families at home get to hear from their loved one! The A2 size cards fit the most into the large flat-rate boxes used by OWH, and that's enough to get us to encourage cardmakers to keep to this size or smaller!

Benefit to OWH

We try to be as efficient in our packing as we can, getting over 300 cards in a box, to use donations as wisely as possible. As you can see in the photo, when we have larger cards, we tuck them in one end; these cards pictured, if they were A2, would allow for another whole row of cards!

Larger cards could also be laid across the top — but the top is reserved for AnyHero letters for our men and women, so if we fill it with large cards, we'll have little space for those. (Those little airspace corners you see get filled with treats like nutrition bars or crackers—no space goes to waste with our shippers!)

Benefit to YOU!
The benefit to you, the cardmaker? As long as we have donated envelopes or enough finances donated to purchase envelopes, you can send in your A2 sized cards without envelopes! We found a source for very inexpensive envelopes; they're thin, but they work. So we're now able, as long as we have enough donations, to purchase all the envelopes we need!

The bottom line
So, if you'd like to help with making the most of our donated shipping dollars so we can get the most cards possible in a box—go for the A2s! And include a little donation in your box to cover envelopes for your cards....ship the creativity and leave the envelopes to us!


Linda said...

Hi, This sounds great and I would like to help. Are you saying to send envelopes if we want? Or would you rather just get the cards?

Anonymous said...

We are making cards for a missions project at church. I am so excited and can't wait to see how many come out to support this project!

Dori T said...

Would handmade envelopes made with recycled paper work as long as there is no writing on it?

Sandy said...

We discourage handmade envelopes; 90% fall apart before they even get to our shippers, and few put adhesive on to seal them (our guys have no scotch tape). We'd love it if you spent your crafty time on making the cards :)

Leslee said...

I bought envelope and card base pkg of 25 for $5.00 dollars. My question is, they are 4 x 5.5 can I still use them to make OWH cards?

Thank you!

Operation Write Home said...

Smaller than A2 is fine, they still fit in A2 envies. Thanks Leslie!

Kath said...

Do you like shaped cards? As long as they fit into the A2 envelope? Or would you prefer straight lines?

Operation Write Home said...

Shaped are fine as long as they fit in the A2! Be sure there's room for our heroes to write a little note, too, sometimes shaped cards get tight on space.

kraftycathy said...

Is it ok to make cards that are
4" x 4"??

Thanks Cathy..

Operation Write Home said...

Yes, Cathy - those fit in A2 envelopes so they're great!

L.B. said...

I am goign to be making my first cards for you this week thanks for all the tips

JJ said...

I am an artist living in Australia. I have a bunch of cards I print from pictures of my paintings. hey are the correct size, would the be acceptable. (They are blank inside)

Sandy said...

Hi Judy! If they're printed out and then mounted on cardstock, yes - our heroes see cards printed on the card base itself and think it's a storebought one, so they want to use the ones with layers and embellishments. (Yes, I know we'd know the difference, but just to be sure they do, you can add the photo to a card base.) Thanks for asking!
Sandy, President, OWH

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

awww that's a shame about the size. I have a variety of Christmas cards that I made but they are size A7. :(

Anonymous said...

My dd used one of your beautiful hand-made cards for our wedding anniversary greeting. She said you are her new favorite support-the-troops group.

The love and care that went into making that blank card for her to send us was a morale booster not just to our deployed daughter, but also to us parental units back home who worry about and miss her.

Thank you.

Miranda said...


My father spent 2009 serving in Iraq and used cards from Operation Write Home to send to us on birthdays and special occasions! It was so great being able to get a nice card that he could hand write a note for us in!

This is a great way to help families with loves ones who are away!