Friday, March 20, 2009

The dangers of glitter

Twinkle twinkle little star ... that may be a sweet song, but we need to keep our heroes from twinkling!

Our no-glitter restriction is one that's been tough on a lot of our cardmakers; who doesn't like a little bling? Well, we have very important reasons to stay away from glitter, and once you know, you'll start looking at that bottle of glitter with a new perspective: safety!

Visibility at night

Night vision goggles are in common use on battlefields, not just by the U.S. military, but by enemy forces as well. What kinds of things can these devices see? Anything shiny stands out. If our heroes open a box of cards with glitter on them—they can get it all over their uniforms. Some of our contacts are in forward-deployed areas where a shower or laundering is rare, sometimes weeks between opportunities to clean up. Even if it's practically invisible to their own eyes, a uniform with glitter all over it will shine and twinkle across a mountainside in Afghanistan, and make our service members visible to the enemy.

Wounded warriors

It's even easier to understand why cards with glitter wouldn't be wanted in a CSH (combat support hospital) setting—what a mess it could be! If you send AnyHero cards intended for injured heroes (to us or to any other organization), stay away from the glitter bottle.

Our patriotic duty

As you can now see, it's our part in the war on terrorism to keep the glitter away from our heroes. We all have a role in keeping our nation safe, even crafters! Please help our shippers by donating your glittery cards to other organizations that don't have the issues that our armed forces are dealing with.

"But are there options for just a little sparkle? Please?"

Some of us (the writer of this post included!) need to sit our inner child down and let her know she can't play with the glitter bottle. But if she needs her "fix," here' are a few suggestions for you! But remember, in all things, moderation—our heroes are too important to us to risk their health and safety!

Adhesive or glue-on gems
Add a little twinkle with a well-placed gem!

Twinkling H20s
These are watercolors that have a sheen to them; the company is going out of business soon, so if you need some colors, shop soon!

SOME papers with glitter
There are a few papers that have glitter that is sealed; be certain that it will not flake off, even if you abuse the paper a little. Our shippers will check them when your cards arrive, but it helps if you don't even send ones that flake off.

Spica pens
These pens put a tiny amount of sparkle on within the thin ink used. The only caveat about these pens—if you try to color a large area or color a spot over and over, the built-up sparkle WILL flake off after drying. So use it sparingly, just a little to highlight the center of a flower or a tiny area.

Thanks for protecting the health and safety of our service members!

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