Sunday, March 29, 2009

Making multiples of one design

Some crafters love to make one design again and again. Others only do that when in a hurry to fill a box or meet a goal. And some have told us many hurdles they had to overcome to meet that goal they'd set.

What happens to multiple cards?
We're happy to receive multiples. Four or five of a card, up to ten or twenty. We mix them up with others' cards in a number of boxes so they go to as many people as possible. Typically we try not to put more than a few of one design in a box - we love to create exciting "eye candy" for our heroes as we can when they look through your cards!

If making multiples....
Please limit holiday multiples to 30, and get them to your shipper in plenty of time before a holiday - a few weeks before the posted deadline. This gives them time to mix them throughout the boxes. Anytime cards can be in any quantity, since we're not in a hurry to get them shipped.

Free yourself from quantity-pressure!
Please don't let yourself be pressured by a goal you've set—either a particular number of cards, or to fill a particular size box. We've noticed some folks try to send hundreds and hundreds—which is fantastic—but do remember that thousands of others are also joining in this work. No single person should ever feel pressure to set super-high goals, and then suffer creatively because of it. A package of 20 cards you've enjoyed making can be just as fulfilling—if not more—than 100 you couldn't stand finishing. And others are out there making cards as well, so we're all in this together!

We all have to constantly remind ourselves that cards aren't a life-or-death item for our heroes. If we lose perspective and feel like a hero's communication with their loved ones depends solely on us (and often the letters are an 'extra' since most of them do have at least occasional email access)—the pressure can overwhelm our joy, and that would be a tough state of mind to inspire anything creative!

When to mass produce?
  1. Crafters who love to make many of one design. If you really do enjoy it, go for it! 
  2. Cardmaking parties—especially with newbie crafters. Having them copy one design is often most efficient!
When not to mass produce?
  1. When you're feeling pressured by a goal you set for yourself, size of a box you're trying to fill, or commitment you made to one of our shippers. Breathe deep....and just relax.
  2. When you're no longer having fun! If tying one more ribbon makes you want to scream—put it down. Go make a unique card, even if it takes 5 times the amount of time as that one card. It's okay, give yourself permission to be creative!
  3. When a holiday deadline is looming. Try making general cards instead, and let yourself relax about when that box gets in the mail! Holiday cards that arrive past the deadline WILL be sent out the following year, so your efforts aren't ever wasted.
  4. When you're sending a box riiiiiight at the end of a deadline, it's toughest for us to mix identical cards with others. We begin sending that holiday a few weeks prior to our published deadline, so if you send 400 of the same card on the last day—we may only have those to send in the final boxes.
So be freed of pressure. Give yourself permission to lower that goal. Use a smaller box or envelope, and enjoy the craft that you love so much. This is supposed to be fun!

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