Friday, March 27, 2009

Featured Cardmaker: Rhoda G, Chehalis WA

About Rhoda:
I live in a very small town with my wonderful husband Ron we have 2 kids. Matt, Grown and living in Seattle as an attorney and our daughter Fallon attending Eastern WA Univ. in Cheney, WA. Double majoring in early childhood development and english. We have a great Lab named Molly too. (Spoiled, just like the kids . . . LOL We used to travel lots for my husband is retired, however I through a kink in that, by becoming disabled. Oh well life marches on . . . I started scrapbooking about 10 years ago doing it a little off and on. I drove school bus for 9 years until I became disabled. Then I started making cards for the family and friends, which I found I like doing better.

How long have you been making cards?

I have been making cards for about 3 years now. I can do more cards and I seem to use most my scraps. I myself would prefer to get a handcrafted card rather than a store bought, for to me it means more!!!

How did you hear about CFH and how long have you been making them?
When I found CFH through Cardmaker Magazine, I contacted Sandy ASAP and in short order I was making cards and that only started in the end of January this year and in February I met up with Sandy and gave her 75 and then sent her another 20 Easter cards in the mail. Making cards does not require me to sit long periods of time or stand long either.. So it's just up my alley.

What is your favorite Kind of card to make?
That would be ~ Thinking of you cards, that are blank on the inside so the soldiers can write all over in them!!!

Do you have a special technique you love to use?
Well anything works . . . However I like to sew on cards. I love brads, mirrors, ribbon, buttons and even beads of all kinds! I am not the best stamper, however I have lots.. I just have not picked up the knack of it yet, but I'm working on it. I also have the Cricut expression which I LOVE! (did I mention I have a very sweet husband who over looks my addiction to card making, he know it makes me happy and it also gives me some thing to do!)

Are there colors, style or a product that draws you?
I guess it would be anything that catches my eye. I really like elegant cards, but I'll make just about anything. Some are quick one other take me a bit longer, and more thought. Scrapbooking places love to see me come, because I like a little of everything. Right now I'm working on flocking. So far so good! Takes a bit longer but I'm sure as I get better at it, it will be quicker.

How often do you make cards?
I try to make them everyday but I must confess I have made only 4 cards since my last batch to Sandy :-( I have been sick, My husband's Mother passed away a week and a half ago in Illonois, quick trip (bless her soul, she was 98) and now our daughter home for spring break and I use her room. For some reason she pushed all my stuff to the corner and has taken over, you would think it was her room.....LOL Oh well I'll get started next week again when she goes back to school....HA! HA!!!

What motivates you to make cards for heroes?
My husband was in the military, so were my uncles, I a have nephew and one of my great friends husband and son-in-law who are all in. Plus it give me purpose to do my hobby. I suppose in general it just give me purpose!

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