Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Welcome to the new CFH website!

An overhaul is long overdue...our previous site was fabulous, and did its job well (thank you thank you thank you Pam for building and maintaining that version for us!). But with the number of inquiries that our previous site wasn't addressing, and features we weren't able to have, it was time to take the plunge and redesign our pages. Some of the new and exciting features we hope you'll enjoy:

Site membership
SOON you can sign up to be a website member, and we'll be able to work on a better mailing list and system of sharing news with you.

Due to space limitations we can't allow everyone to upload like crazy, but we've now got the ability to share a lot more images with you. We're in the process of uploading them, so keep an eye out for more!
Hero gallery — pictures of our service members
Card gallery — featured cards, groups of card donations
Kids gallery — artwork by children
Events galleryyour photos from cardmaking parties and events

Discussion area
Having a discussion section was a nice surprise to us—and we hope it will be fun for you. We're kicking the tires on it, so try it out and see how it works.

Calendar of events
We'll post your event on our calendar! Let us know when your events are, time/date/location, contact info.

Your feedback is most welcome—are there things that don't make sense? Items you access regularly that seem hard to find? Information that just doesn't seem to be here at all? Features of the previous site that you miss? Please let us know what you need; our goal is to help you to help our heroes even more, and this new site is just one more step toward doing that!

For those who remember our old Homefront Blog

Several regular features from that have been broken out into sections on this site:

Mailroom Mondays: Information is now available in the MAILROOM and is still updated on Mondays.
Thankful Thursdays: Information is now availalble in the MAILROOM and is still updated on Thursdays; since it's no longer a blog, we will keep two weeks'-worth of listings on that page.
Feature Fridays: Check out the Featured Cardmaker Blog for those!

So, what will be posted here on the new Homefront Blog?

All the other news that's fit to print!

Inspirations (links to stories, videos, etc....send us what inspires YOU!)
CFH Blog Challenges (we'll list them elsewhere too, but this is the place to get the freshest news)
Announcements & site updates (all those 'good news' things you are all waiting for!)
Special requests/needs (might be elsewhere on the site, but here's where to keep up on news)

One more note: This is now a paid site, whereas Pam's generous gift to us on the old site was hosting it for free. If anyone would like to contribute toward our monthly site maintenance fees, please feel free to make a paypal gift and designate it to "website maintenance" in the notes section, and we'll honor that usage of your dollars. Thanks!

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