Thursday, April 30, 2009

25+2, a challenge for you!

We at CFH have a new challenge for our card makers. Our goal with the cards we make and send to the service members is to help them stay in touch with their families and friends while on their tour of duty. We are getting more and more requests, and with the slow summer ahead, we are hoping to get your help in filling those needs!

First, the 25...

If all of our current cardmakers, plus a few new ones, send in 25 cards, we might have enough to get through the summer. 25 is a do-able number, even during vacation season! Consider ways you can take stamped images to color by the poolside or campfire, cutting out detailed images while your husband takes a shift driving the van, or other creative ways to keep going for our heroes. (And if you pass the 25—awesome! You'll be making up for those who just can't get to their craft table!)

And now the +2...

We send Any Hero notes when we have them, and those receiving the box of cards try to make sure that those service men and women who don't get mail from home receive one of those notes.

Well it has come to our attention that our service men and women also don't always get a birthday card on their birthday. How depressing would that be??? Here you are thousands of miles away from home, serving your country and your birthday rolls around with no mail. Now.....that is probably not because your family didn't think about you and mail you most likely is because the mail delivery has been delayed. Turns out some of our recipients have been stashing some of the birthday cards to have fellow service members sign so that they do get a card on their birthday.

Also stretch outside your box and write a regular AnyHero note to a service member too. Now you may ask what do I write about? Well, that's easy. Tell them where you live, where you work, what the weather is like, just plain ole' chit chat. They love to see a note that is handwritten and that just tells them a little about your life. Include a thank you at the end for their service and you are done. It can also just be a short "Thanks for serving" type of note. Once you have written one....they will get easier! (And, as some folks have found, addictive!)

So it's 25 + 2 for summer!

SO........your challenge is two fold. Next time you send one of us a package of cards, we would like you to try to do these two things.

  1. Make 25 blank cards, any theme, for heroes to write home on!
  2. Make a birthday card and SIGN IT with a birthday greeting and short note, AND use one of your cards and write an Any Hero note in it!

Now if everyone sends these two cards with each package that you send in, we will have a good supply of notes to send with each package. There are times we have no Any Hero letters to send and that is just a shame. With summer coming, think about those picnics or gatherings you might be going to for Memorial Day, 4th of July or Labor Day. Bring some cards and pens........lay them out and tell people about them. You might just be surprised at how many would be willing to take 5 minutes to write a short note. They've wanted to thank a hero and might have been too awkward to do it in person, but a note is the perfect opportunity to share what they want to say! When you mail these notes to us, make sure to leave the envelope unsealed as we need to be able to look at them first before mailing.

We hope you will accept this challenge. Trust me when I say......It will bring a smile to lonely hero's face!!!


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