Friday, April 24, 2009

Important shipping announcement

It's with great sadness we're saying goodbye to one of our longtime shippers, Claudia! She's been so wonderful to work with, and has been a blessing to our heroes, our cardmakers, and all our corporate partners - and we'll be missing her! Claudia has other irons in the fire that need her attention, so we'll reluctantly bid her a fond farewell. Please leave a comment on this post for her to thank her for all her faithfulness!

NOTE: If you have cards in transit, or send them without seeing this notice or an email, please know Claudia will continue shipping what she already has and receives. It always takes a while for us to transition shippers. Please begin mailing your cards to Fabre (Massachusetts) or Kris (Kansas), they both have some huge battallions waiting for cards, and would love to receive your beautiful creations and pass them on!

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