Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Interview with CFH—behind the scenes

Those on our email list received a quick note last night about the interview on BlogTalkRadio's show this evening...if you weren't able to log in or chat online during the program, you can use the same link to hear a re-run! (ha, you can listen to the blooper portions again and again, won't that be fun?)
[Click here to listen. No special software is required.]

During the interview, Phyllis Zimbler-Miller and Nancy Brown learned a little bit about was fun sharing with them about what we do, why we do it, and how it all gets done. Nancy even volunteered to be a shipper-on-sabbatical for us! Some of our letters from the Hero Blog were read, stories shared, and plenty of basic information was given in the interview to inspire more people to join us in this cardmaking adventure!
A little "behind the scenes" story about how this interview came about...I (Sandy) was looking for a hero who'd come home a while back. We'd supported him over his deployment on a ship, and since he was stationed near me I hoped to find and meet him sometime. I had received him as a contact first through a Jewish connection, so I was searching for organizations that specifically support our Jewish-American heroes, to see if anyone knew him. I periodically googled him to see if he'd show up, but hadn't had success. Yet. (Okay so I understand this is probably sounding like stalking by now. Really, it wasn't!) I emailed Operation Support Jews in the Military to see if he was on their lists, and Phyllis is the one who emailed me back from there...she didn't know him, but proposed an interview once we talked about CFH.

The story continues to get better. A radio interview on NPR with an author caught my attention; the author spoke of her husband, his deployment on a ship, approximate dates, his first name...and I became so curious! I found a link to the author's book website, emailed her, and found out it was indeed the wife of the hero I was searching for! And hopefully later this year, Alison will be interviewed by the wonderful Phyllis and Nancy on their show. And in a few weeks it's possible I might get to meet their whole family!

Phyllis posted on her blog here about the interviews with us today, and with Operation Gratitude yesterday:
Her post also contains a link as well to an article that CFH guest-posted previously:

Please feel free to share any of these links on your own blog, facebook, or twitter so we can get the word out to more people! Our card donations have been slowing down (nice weather? spring break?) so we're hoping to generate some interest with whole new circles of crafters, so help us spread the word. Share your links with us, too—we'll add them to our twitter feed and other locations on the web!

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