Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Making cards for kids

In case you missed it...April is the month of the military child! We're hoping everyone might get in the habit of making a few cards for kids in each shipment sent in...our heroes love to write home to their children! This post has a few samples of kid-friendly cards we've received recently...be inspired, and share links to your great kidcards too!

If one of the unattributed cards pictured here is yours, email info@cardsforheroes.org so we can credit you with your design, or we'll remove it from here at your request! We lost track of the cardmakers — names were only on the backs of a couple of these.

These cards can be for birthdays (we already do get some birthday cards for kids on occasion) but they can also be other themed cards. Think about your own children or grandchildren, or any child you know, and what you'd say to them on any regular basis...Proud of you, Love you lots, Missing you, Great job, blank with no sentiment, or just a hello!

Image ideas
Get out your bugs, aliens, sports, and cowboys for the little men at home, and princesses, butterflies, kitties, and a bit of bling for little girls. Sesame Street, Disney, or dinosaurs—licensed images are a hit with kiddos. And sometimes just colors or paper patterns will make a card kid-friendly when the image itself isn't too child-like. These cards can even show off a sticker in its best light!

Kids of almost all ages
Ages for our service members' kids are varied. Little kids love to hear from Moms and Dads overseas as well as their big brothers and sisters; if you've got great ideas for teen cards—those seem to be the hardest for most folks, so give them a try.

To kids, not from kids
Note that these are cards for children—not cards to "mommy" or "daddy" from a small child. We don't have too many kids serving overseas in our military, so cards to Daddy aren't very helpful.

And now...post your links!
We've started a thread on the CFH Discussion board here—post a link to great ideas you can share. These can be your cards, or great kid-cards you've seen on other blogs, or in other galleries....the more ideas we have, the more creative we can all get!

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