Tuesday, May 5, 2009

CFH Blog Hop! Memorial Day weekend

****NEWSFLASH! NEW PAGE FOR THE HOP: http://cardsforheroes.bloghop***

Cards for Heroes is sponsoring our very first Blog Hop! We are really excited to spread the word about our organization, and we need your help!

We need your help!

If you have a blog, we'd love to have you participate! (And if you don't have one yet, it's the perfect time to get it set up! It's free, and is a great venue to share your creativity with everyone. Email us if you need help getting started; if we get enough interest, we'll post a how-to on our blog.) You can also help us recruit bloggers by posting a link to this post on your blog (scroll down for some banner graphics you can post too!)—and talk about your personal experience with CFH! There are a lot of great new things happening at CFH and we'd love to share them with the people who love what you do!

What's a blog hop?

It's a series of blogs, each linking to the next "stop"—so visitors would start out at CFH and "hop" across all the blogs. You would sign up beforehand, and be emailed the details ahead of time, so you'll know just what to do.

What will you have to do?

Make a card that you will send to Cards for Heroes and share the love with the rest of us on your blog! You'll be told which blog you'll link to as the "next" one on the list. 

What kind of card: Please use "Cards for Heroes" as your card theme - you can make a patriotic card for a hero, or get really creative with any theme you'd send in for a hero to use - it will be fun to see what everyone comes up with! We are also looking to introduce our group to your blog visitors, so we ask that you please link back to the Cards for Heroes website - and share what participating in CFH has meant to you. Let's get them fired up too!

Time Frame:
We need the posts to go up by noon Pacific time, Saturday, May 23rd and remain up through at least Tuesday, May 26th to give people time to visit the blog post. (If you don't have your post up that morning, the hop "stops" when visitors get to you — so please be sure you can do it!)

What else to post: We'd also love for you to feature our new challenge, 25+2! You can learn more about the challenge here. We'll email some more specifics at that time.

To sign up:

Please e-mail bloghop@cardsforheroes.org. We'll put you on the list and send you more details very soon!

Thank you! We're looking forward to seeing what everyone creates!

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