Thursday, May 7, 2009

Creativity from, Grafton MA

A special box of arrived in the mail today...a huuuuuge box of cards! It contained a mix of all kinds of cards and styles—445 in all, and a whole lot from kids! Many thanks to the whole community who came together to help our service members with incredible creativity! We want to share some of the kids cards especially with you—but first...

Many folks have wondered what happens to cards that arrive, so this seemed a perfect chance to tell you a little of what happens to cards when they arrive. The first photo is the cards as they arrived; we sometimes get them in bags, rubber bands, individual sleeves, some with envelopes, some without. Each of our shippers "processes" the donations—that involves a few steps:

  1. Counting: we make sure we take an accurate count of what you send in; that's one reason our packing slip helps so much, we can skip the counting step and log in what you've written on your paper!
  2. Stamping the backs: we add our CFH logo stamp to the back of each card; that way when families at home get the cards, they can drop by the website to leave us a hello for the Hero Blog!
  3. Matching with envelopes: sometimes the cards come with envelopes, other times we find envelopes to go with them. One reason we ask primarily for A2 sized cards (4.25 x 5.5) is that we get the most of those envelopes donated, so it works out best—in addition to it being the most efficient size to get a lot of cards in our boxes!
  4. Tucking the cards: we tuck the back of the card inside the envelope, letting the front side hang out—that way when the cards go to the service members, they hang onto their matching envelope. Note that if you aren't stamping the backs of your cards yourself, it's easiest for us if they're not already tucked into the envelopes.
  5. Sorting the cards: we sort them into types, so that when we have enough to pack boxes, we can get a good amount of thinking of you, holiday, love, birthday, etc cards into each box!

And now, on to the kids cards!

These cards were made by children in a number of 2nd grade classes at South Grafton Elementary, as well as Wolf Den 2, Pack 106. It appears that the children were provided with stamped images—cut out or punched already—that they could color, add patterned paper, and adhere to their cards. The insides were all blank—which really helps to leave our heroes room to write! (When children are turned loose with stickers, they sometimes fill the inside, leaving no room to put a guide them to leave insides empty if possible!) Many of the children also drew wonderful pictures on the backs of their cards, and the teachers put a label on the back of each card with the teacher's name, school, and a place for the student to write their first name. This label really makes these cards special—the service members will LOVE knowing who made their cards, and what grade they're in! Without further ado, here are the cards—click on any card to view it larger!

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