Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Double Dog Dare

The dare: go to your local stamping, paper, or scrapping store, and ask to speak with the manager or owner. Ask if they heard about the bloghop—and if so, ask them to get involved! (At two stores this week, employees and managers had already heard about the bloghop! Knock me over with a feather!) And if not, tell them what you experienced, and invite them to participate. (Don't be pushy, but be excited! Your enthusiasm is infectious.)

We especially encourage you, the crafters, to help your local stores—especially in this economy where business is so bad and we're losing stores! Brainstorm with them about how to drive sales, bring people into the store, and do something good all at the same time! Contact local press for them; that's great for business too. On the display pictured here, sample cards were all made with stamps that were available for purchase in the store—helping the store exhibit their wares. Be sensitive to their needs; times are tough and we want to help them, not just ask for handouts. Let's partner to help keep our stores alive!

A few ideas to broach with the store:
  • host a cardmaking party (an afternoon or evening, either they could supply materials or have cardmakers bring their own)
  • host a card drive (collection over a period of time or all on one day. Suggest an immediate-use coupon for anyone dropping off more than 10 cards!)
  • donate supplies (paper or envelopes for you to use for cards, or supplies to offer up to your blog readers for a challenge. You can be a sponsor of one of our upcoming challenges too!)
  • put flyers on the counter for your own cardmaking party or fundraising event (make your own flyer or contact us for help)
  • hold a sale—where a % of purchases is donated to CFH!
So go talk to someone. See if they'll help....we double dog dare you!

Leave a comment on this post if you're willing to go talk it up....and come back and report what happened! Let's brainstorm ideas to get our local businesses involved!

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