Monday, May 25, 2009

Lisa’s Comment Challenge!

Alright, bloggers, can you handle this throwdown from Bloghop blogger Lisa?
Hi! I’m the gal who challenged myself to make one card for each comment I received on my post. At last view, I had 148 comments—I’m so excited! Thank you so much for all of your precious comments and for helping me with my challenge. I loved reading each one. Even though it might take me a year, I CAN do it, I’ve already started! I’ve set myself a goal to send some cards at the first of each month until I’m done. That way, CFH will have cards to send over the summer. Will you join me? As Heidi says, “spread the luv!”
If you'd like to join Lisa in this, leave a comment on this post! Tell us what YOUR plan is! How many are you going to be making? Got an idea on how to track it? Do it publicly with a ticker on your blog? Let's challenge and encourage each other; all those who sign up to match Lisa's efforts—make a point of leaving an encouragement on each others' blogs each week and spur each other on to more good works for our heroes! :)

Be sure to leave your blog address here so others can come and cheer you on!

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