Monday, May 18, 2009

Mailroom Monday

Just how much gets mailed out in a "typical" week here at CFH?

We mail out boxes every week— sometimes it's 3 or 4, but at times like now, just prior to a holiday, our trips to the post office require several dollies to deliver all the love! This week alone saw over 5,000 cards head out in the mail — THANK YOU to all of our cardmakers!

This photo shows only one day's shipment out of our Washington State location—picture a dolly like this in Kansas, and another in Massachusetts! How exciting that each of these boxes, containing up to 350 cards a piece, will be blessing so many deployed warriors!

We have our shipping-to-the-battlefields deadlines set about 4-5 weeks prior to a holiday (our requested deadlines for cards coming FROM cardmakers is early to allow us sorting, counting, stamping-the-backs time!); some of our remote Afghanistan units get shipped out 6 or 7 weeks early to allow for some extended shipping time.

If you're one of those folks who's interested in seeing the ebb and flow of CFH shipments, we post a little chart in the Mailroom, updating it every week or two on Mailroom Monday to show the number of cards mailed each month and the cost to do so. We also post a weekly listing of the shipments sent out that week—how many, to which country, and what branch of service—so you can get a good idea of what we're sending and to where.

Weeks like we're having right now also see our funds depleted fast — we've spent over $400 already and we're only halfway through May! Small donations—even $5 or $10—make sure we're able to ship on a regular basis, and we appreciate all your postage assistance so here to make a gift by Paypal or check today!

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