Friday, May 29, 2009

Make some friends, make some cards

Our emails have been hopping with people wanting to do more, so this week we've been featuring ideas to get you all more involved! Today's idea is to check out our cardmaker list and see if you have some friends you didn't know you had!

Check out our Cardmaker List and....

  • Do we have you listed correctly? (names are only added as cards are received)
  • Do we have your blog or online gallery linked?
  • Is there someone in your town? (email us and we'll try to contact the other person. We will only connect you if both parties agree to share email addresses! If they have a blog, go visit and leave them a hello!)
  • Email with corrections.

Once you meet your new friends...

  • Schedule a cardmaking party together! Take turns crafting at each others' homes, or find a mutual location (a store, a VFW hall, a church?). Each bring two friends and some snacks, and it's a party!
  • Go shopping together — save some cost and split reams of cool colors of cardstock or large quantities of ribbon)
  • Mail your boxes together — fill a large flat-rate box together and split costs! (If you want to be counted separately for the donations, fill out two packing slips, thanks!)
  • Brainstorm ways to get your community involved. Are there fairs coming up this summer? Clubs you can recruit to write letters? Scouts needing a service project who can fundraise for OWH with a carwash?

Endless ideas are out there — go make some friends!

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