Friday, May 8, 2009

Military Spouse Appreciation Day (May 8)

CFH would like to express a hearty thank you to all military spouses for all you do every day on the homefront. You keep the home running, get the kids off to school, soccer and ballet, you juggle priorities, you do the shopping AND the mowing, you deal with the plumber and the bank manager, and all while worrying over your other half in harm's way----you are superheroes!

So much of what we do here at Cards for Heroes really ends up being for you....sometimes your deployed loved ones might not "get" that a handwritten note means what it does in your eyes. They may not grasp what that extra touch of handcrafting on a card can do for your heart. (And some do, we know that!) But we know that many of you hold onto the cards and letters you receive as absolute treasures, collected in shoeboxes or scrapbooks, set out on the mantle to remind you every day of the hero you miss so much. It gives all our cardmakers great pleasure to know their work is part of bringing a little comfort to your hearts.

Thank you. From all of us, to all of you.

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