Saturday, May 30, 2009


(and for those who don't know what NABLOPOMO is, it's National Blog Posting Month!)

I'd done NABLOPOMO a few years back, when it was just a one-month deal (in November, I think?) but have ended up on their email list. They have suggestions by theme per month now....and for June it is:


If anyone would like to participate, it's a commitment to blog every day for the month of June, with heroes being your topic...details are here from their email:

A message to all members of NaBloPoMo

The theme for June is HEROES. Everyone has a hero or heroine; the challenge this month is to find THIRTY OF THEM.

June HTML badges are here: -- please feel free to add your own, and be sure to link to them in the comments.

If you'd like to be on the June blogroll, just click here: and follow the directions at the top of the page!

Thanks, and good luck, June bloggers!

(Any questions or problems, e-mail or message me on the network at

Visit NaBloPoMo at:
Your heroes don't have to be CFH-related of course...they can be your parents, a teacher, coworker, famous person, character in history. It's a great chance to really spend some time thinking about who all those people are who have influenced you! (and of course since NABLOPOMO has a monthly blogroll, you'll get more visitors!)

If you decide to try it, post a comment so we can all bookmark you and cheer you on every day!

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