Monday, May 4, 2009

National Military Appreciation Month: May!

May is Military Appreciation Month ... what will you do to celebrate?

  • Thank a hero next time you see one in uniform. Don't be shy, just walk up, hold out your hand, and say "Thank you for serving!" That's all—no conversation is needed if it's awkward. They'll appreciate it more than you can know!
  • Make a commitment to a certain number of cards this month — blank cards, AnyHero letters, whatever you think their service is worth. As a matter of fact, you can write in your AnyHero letters what you've done in their honor!
  • Host an event to get AnyHero cards and raise shipping funds for CFH — a Military Appreciation Month dinner with friends can be a great venue for a small cardsigning...a potluck, ask everyone for a few dollars, and put out a few cards for each person to write a note in! Your office, church, or other groups would also love the opportunity to say Thank You to one of our nation's brave heroes!

Have other ideas? Leave a comment below!

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