Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quickstart: Blogging (in Blogger)

Well this may not be a cardmaking tip—but with all the blogging going on out there, we know crafters love to share! So here's a very short step by step for those who want to start a quick blog before our Memorial Day bloghop.

Sign up for a FREE account at blogger.com. There are other sites you can set up a blog with like WordPress, but this post is only going to walk through a simple Blogger blog.

You'll be asked some basic info to either set up a new Google Account or use an existing one

Next you'll name your blog. Remember that whatever you name it, it will stay that name; you can change the text within the blog, but the url (web address) will always be the same. So make it something easy and memorable for you—and it helps if it's easy to share. (ie myblogwithalongcrazyname.blogspot.com isn't as easy as mycraftingblog.blogspot.com) Yes, your blog's name will have blogspot.com after whatever word you select. Check the availability of the name you choose. Ignore the advanced options for the time being.

Choose from one of their pre-defined templates. You can always fuss with it later, add custom templates, etc (and keep whatever content you are uploading now with one of these templates). But pick one for now to get yourself started!

And voilá, your blog has been created! When you click this last arrow you'll be sent to a screen to create your very first post. Play around with the buttons to see what they do; there are font settings, a button to click to upload images, and a chain-link icon to create links. You'll want to try out posting a picture and making links before the bloghop starts, but you don't have to stress about the advanced features quite yet.

Once your blog is up, send your url (web address) to all your friends and family—and to us here at CFH! We'd love to add your link to the Cardmaker listing. And when you post cards you've made for CFH, send us a link too....we'd love to post weekly or monthly links to all the online posts showing cards made for our nation's heroes!

As you check out other blogs that you like, ask the blogger for help in creating a feature they have on theirs. If they have a cool background, widget (sidebar graphic) or clock, see if they'll help you get one of your own. Beware—blogging can be addictive! Save some time for ink, paper, and stamps! ;)

Happy blogging!


Blogger has a bug that we need to report to you! The default comments box (embedded below the post) has a conflict with some older google accounts. Blogger suggests that you change to a popup style comment box. That works fine; if you haven't gotten many comments on your blog, that could well be why! Plenty of us would love to give you feedback! Here's how to make the change:

Go to your Dashboard.
Click on the Settings tab.
Click on the Comments link under that.
Under Comment form check the button for Popup window.
Scroll down and Save changes.

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