Tuesday, June 9, 2009

AnyHero - one specific hero

We've received this request a bunch of times over the last month or two for birthday cards for this hero, and just received confirmation that cards are still needed for him; the organization Thank a Soldier blogged about him so we know the info is still good, even if it's past his birthday! Go to their blog to read the full article.

Sgt Daniel Thornhill, wounded in Afghanistan 2 years ago by a suicide bomb, lost both legs, is paralyzed from the waist down and has severe burns. He rehabs at Fisher House in Ft Sam Houston, Texas. Send him a note to Thank him and wish him well.

Sgt Daniel Thornhill
Ft Sam Houston
Fisher House
3623 George C. Beach Rd
Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234

From an article about him:

SAN ANTONIO -- A suicide bomber nearly killed Sgt. Daniel Thornhill in Afghanistan a year ago. His body may be broken but his spirit this Memorial Day is not. He says he's proud to be an American now more than ever.

The bomber took his legs, paralyzed him from the waist down, and severely burned his arms and hands -- but he did not take Sgt. Thornhill's will to live.

Sgt. Thornhill says, “They can possibly take my life but they can't take what I stand for or what I believe in... and that's one thing that hasn't faltered or hasn't wavered.”

Since he's been home, he’s received dozens of letters and cards of support from well-wishers all over the nation. He says that, along with supportive family members, helped him get through some of the darkest days of his life.

“I wouldn't wish what's happened on my worst enemy but it was given to me for a reason and once I figure out that reason, I will make sure I let everyone know,” Sgt. Thornhill vows.

Post a comment here if you send him a card - post it on your blog with a link to this post so others will do it too! Leave a link to your card here so we can all see too; let's see how many we can get from CFH peeps!

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