Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bits and pieces

Some random things for you today!

First, we're starting up our Featured Cardmaker Blog again...we took a hiatus while we prepped for, managed, and recovered from the bloghop, but hopefully are back on track for a weekly-ish feature. This week we've added Karen from Dearborn, go check her out here!

We also added a few pictures to the Kids gallery....one pair is this sweet set of AnyHero cards colored and signed by little Abby, how sweet are they! We also get lots of drawings from kids, pictures printed out and colored, and lots of schools and scouts have used this pdf to print out pages for the kids to color!

The other thing we've added is a picture of Colin — Jennifer McGuire's little guy! This is what she posted on the Hero Club Blog in case you missed it:
I have another little something I would like to share. Remember me saying we did a card drive for Cards for Heroes back in September? Well, I received an amazing gift from one of the heroes who received a bunch of our cards. Back in September, I told you about Capt William McGray (the husband of the fabulous crafter, Kimber McGray). He is the Commander of the 38th MP Company out of Danville, IN, and returned in February from a 12-month deployment in Iraq. (To see some wonderful photos of his homecoming, click HERE.) We sent William a huge load of cards for his troops, and he brought home this for us as a thank you…

Apparently little Colin is insanely proud of HIS flag! :)

Coming soon....a count so far on the 25+2 and Hero Arts challenges (click here to check them out!); we added a TX and RI event to our calendar (let us know if you're having one!) ... and we're also working on a new Cardmaking Tips Blog post or two — if you have ideas to share or questions you want us to answer, let us know!

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