Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Card deadlines 2009

 We've posted our deadlines on the homepage for easy access, but here they are for you as well if you're getting our Homefront Blog via RSS feed! If you're planning cardmaking parties later this year, these deadlines may help you decide what kind of cards to make—and remember, general cards (birthday, thinking of you, hello, love, miss you) are good any time of year!

Back to school: Aug 1
Halloween: Sept 20
Thanksgiving: Oct 5
Christmas: Nov 1
All other cards: anytime!

Note these are postmark dates these dates allow the Post Office some time to get the cards to our shippers, and our shippers time to get them processed and packed up. (We've had some people Express Mail packages at the end—please email the shipper to see if that's necessary before paying all that extra money!)

If you're wondering why our deadlines are so far ahead of holidays: typical mail times are about 2 weeks. And then we allow a week to distribute/write cards and 2 weeks to mail back home. Shipping times vary depending on location (some remote places in Afghanistan can be 8 weeks!) so if you send your cards in nice and early for a holiday, it allows us to get cards out to those remote places in plenty of time!

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