Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dark Cardstock Liners

 We've seen some really beautiful liners placed in cards made using dark cardstock, so thought it was high time we shared these great ideas! Some folks decorate them with stamped images on the corners, others use plain paper....get creative!

First — what colors need a liner? Assume that a hero may only have a pencil to write with. We sometimes send boxes of bic pens, but we never know where the cards will end up and what writing implements will be available.

Line just one side: Cut a piece of white or light colored paper or cardstock just smaller than the card size, and adhere it to half of the inside of the card. If you stamp a sentiment (in white, or something that shows up) on the right, adhere the liner on the left so our heroes have somewhere to write—they don't have white or gold pens on the battlefield! This photo shows one with a layered look that matches the front of the card; sometimes people stamp matching designs on the inside liner too.

Line both sides: give a hero a little more room to write by lining both sides! This card had a strip of ribbon across the front, so the cardmaker continued it across the inside too (you can just barely see it). Since the ribbon was "lumpy," the liner is made of cardstock.

Folded liner: Use cardstock or other paper, and adhere one side to the card; note that if you adhere both sides, it sometimes gets lumpy or hard to fold back in half, so adhering to one side eliminates that problem.

Extra-large liner: This was a really unique idea and required two photos! Fold a piece of lightweight paper into quarters, and trim it smaller than your card. Adhere one side to the inside of the card so it opens for lots of room to write!

We really do appreciate those who add a liner to their cards; many times our shippers end up with a "card hospital" with cards in need of TLC, and the biggest injury for them is not having a liner!


Unknown said...

I think I remember that last on e from a blog tour - the stamper called it a "sweet-heart liner" for the extra room it gives sweethearts to add some special words. :-) Loved that! Bet its much appreciated, and who can resist playing cupid!

Yvonne said...

Thank you so much for all the different ideas! I will get to work on fixing my cards!