Monday, June 8, 2009

Post-Bloghop Report

We know everyone's interested in the impact that the bloghop had on's hard to quantify in many cases, since we get packages in the mail that don't tell us if they heard about us from the hop or from another source. But here's a collection of a few of the highlights we know about so far....

Hit count: Our site hits went WAY up that weekend of course! Typically our visitor count was pretty low, but this little chart shows you just how much excitement we had here on Memorial day weekend. Note that YOU can help us raise our profile by blogging about CFH and linking to our homepage, sending emails to your friends and family—as well as the companies you buy your supplies from! The more attention the site gets, the more cards our heroes get!

155 blogs posted about CFH! Comment counts on each ranged from 50-200+!!! Thank you bloggers and hoppers—we know just how much fun everyone had leaving comments and receiving the love. We also heard from a few of our non-crafting folks who visited: "Your people are SO NICE! Not one mean political comment, what's up with these folks?" See, being nice is NOTICED! :)

LOTS of companies and major bloggers got on board! From Hero Arts (who is running a huge challenge right now, have you seen the prize list??) to Cathy Zielske, Jennifer McGuire, Rusty Pickle, Simon Says, Ali Edwards....the list goes ON! (we better stop now or we'll surely forget someone!?!) Feel free to leave comments on YOUR favorite bloggers' posts to either thank them for what they did for our heroes—or to invite them to see what we're all doing!

325 people opted in for our new email list (click here if you haven't signed up yet—even if you've gotten CFH emails, we need you to re-up to get into the new email database, thanks!)

Crazy numbers of happy emails! So many we lost count. Tons of people who had never heard of us and couldn't wait to participate; people moved to ears by the blog posts;

Many military people hopped too! A lot of them can't leave comments (combo of time factor and unable to share their email because of OPSEC — Operational Security). But they visited and were touched by the patriotism and support shown by everyone!

Cards from "known" new folks from the bloghop so far: 313 cards and it could be more! We added 111 people to our database that weekend from emails they wrote, and we know there are lots of folks out there who will be mailing cards in. (We note "bloghop" when we have a first-timer we either know we didn't "see" til the hop or if they mention the event in their note). If you're a new cardmaker, feel free to write on the packing slip that you came from the hop - we'd love to know how many people are learning about us because of it!

25+2 challenge — so far: 517 AnyHero letters, and 4663 cards! (That's in addition to those not doing the challenge combo!)

These next charts aren't nearly as 'pretty' as the ones we get from the website software, but they are kind of interesting anyway. Note that June numbers look low but they'll be rising as people finish the cards they committed to last month and as our shippers pack up and ship the cards piling up on their dining room tables!

This chart on the left shows the ups and downs of cards coming in and going out - and you can see how many come in for Christmastime! So now you know why we are happy to get your Christmas cards at other times of year, too—since we stamp the backs of each card with the url, we have a little more spare time in the window outside of September through November :) We're busy sorters during that season!

This chart on the right shows the flow of our expenses (shipping & administrative) along with donations. Generally we've kept up with our costs on average, and are working on saving up the IRS fee we'll be paying to file for our official status very soon. THANK YOU ALL for your amazing generosity that keeps us going!!

As we find more info to share about how many cards are generated because of the hop, we'll report back — the end of the summer will probably be the best time for assessment of the hop's success, because by then those who were inspired in May will have had time to make and mail in their cards!

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