Monday, June 8, 2009

Tutorial 3: Custom embellishing, coloring tips

**Many of you may have seen Karen's tutorial during the Bloghop, but since not everyone had the chance, we're re-sharing, along with some more commentary from Karen! Her original post is here.**

Karen's stamping/coloring tips:
  • Give the original stamped image a bit of time to dry. Sometimes the black outline will bleed and, for me, one major reason is I rush into coloring instead of giving the original stamp a chance to dry completely.
  • Most of the time, I use watercolor paper when I color, however, other card stock will work, just give it time to dry completely.
  • I use Prismacolor Markers and really am new to coloring. So, my tips there are limited but the few things I have learned for basic coloring is keep a "wet edge" and you will achieve a more smooth, consistent level of color. To do this, color in small circles and work out from a small area. Don't color all the way down a length of an image as this can cause kind of "rows" of color. I fill in a complete area and then take the same marker and color again anywhere there is a line from the stamped image. This second layer of color adds depth and shading.
  • My biggest tip is have fun and just experiment! I will often take scrap card stock and stamp an image and color with no intent of it ever seeing the front of a card. I do this just to experiment with the markers and see what works and what does not.

Custom brads:
I wanted to have a red, white and blue brad but only had some of those ordinary gold office supply on hand. So I first painted the tops of three gold brads with white acrylic paint. Once those were dry, I coated one in red pigment ink and then dipped into clear embossing powder. I repeated this process two/three times until the "intensity" of the red was what I wanted. I did the same with another of the brads except used blue pigment ink.

Custom acrylic embellishments:
I also wanted an acrylic star for behind the brads. Those can be costly so I just purchase transparency sheets (like they use on overhead projectors) and punch them out. I {{love}} doing this because designs are limitless with all the punches there are. I even will occasionally run it through my Cricut for more options of lettering and shapes.

And without futher ado, Karen's video!

Thanks Karen for sharing how you made this adorable card!

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