Sunday, September 6, 2009

Animating OWH blinkies on your blog

We've had enough emails that we'll re-post these directions....they're for Blogger blogs. If someone uses Wordpress or other blog software and would be willing to write up step-by-step directions, we'll post them!
  1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard and Select LAYOUT.
  2. Choose PAGE ELEMENTS and then select ADD A GADGET.
  3. From the choices pick PICTURE.
  4. TITLE and CAPTION are optional, but if you're linking to OWH, you'll want to put in that box. 
  5. Add the code for the blinkie of your choice in the "Direct link" box. (You can also copy the blinkie to your hard drive and upload to your Flickr or other photo service site, and link from there. But if you try placing the gif within Blogger, it won't animate; it has to be hosted elswehere.)
  6. Click SAVE.

General blinkie (Help a Hero):

For more, check out our Photobucket Album full of blinkies and badges! Copy the 2nd line of code provided there.

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