Thursday, August 27, 2009

CFH Birthday Party Weekend!

Not many people know this,'s almost a birthday for this little band of happy cardmakers!!!
This whole project got started way back in April 2007 with no intention to become anything more than a few friends pooling together their extra cards to help out a couple of deployed heroes. No big plans, really! It was organized on a crafting message board....then via a bazillion emails. And eventually our dear friend Pam created our first website. We added and changed shippers from time to time, streamlined how we did everything as best we could figure out on the fly. And by last fall, we were ready to make a real go of it. (Side note from Sandy: I had been waiting to see how long til all of you got tired of this and stopped sending in cards....but you fooled me! You all really DO love our heroes!!)
So we "incorporated" officially last September. (That's a state recognition of us as an official entity; we're still waiting the IRS to provide our 501(c)(3) designation when they get around to processing us.) So do you know what that means?

We have a BIRTHDAY coming up!!!

And what birthday doesn't have a PARTY to go with it? So mark your's going to be a couple days worth of FUN! Because something like this deserves so much more than one day!
DAY ONE: 9/11
We're going to start celebrating on 9/11 with a beautiful tribute to our heroes, who inspire us every day. We invite you all to post on your blogs, your facebook pages, your twitter feeds, and anywhere else you're able. Tell the world how much it means to you to be defended by such honorable men and women! We'll provide some videos you can share, avatars you can change to for the day, and of course we'll produce our very own tribute too.
DAY TWO: 9/12
And on our actual birthday, 9/12, we'll be having a party right here on our site. We're working on some special HUGE surprises....and our HEROES have been working on some treats for you all too!!! Yes, I said our HEROES are sending presents for YOU! You are going to be SO excited! I can't believe what they're sending in. It's taking everything in me to hold back til party day!!!! You'll all want to come to our homepage and check it all out...did I say yet that I can't WAIT!??!
So polish up your party shoes, iron your best party dress, and get ready to join in the shindig!!! If you want to host your own celebration — virtual or real-life — post your ideas in a comment here. You can offer blog candy, have friends over to make cards for the day, sit down with your family and write AnyHero letters..whatever suits YOUR way to celebrate! We'll link to as many as we can when the party starts!

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