Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thankful Thursday Aug 13: 7363 cards!

7363 cards received in the last seven days, WOW!

(Welcome back, shipper Kris! Happy to see all that's arrived while you were away!)

  1. Connie J, Littleton CO - oh my what a lovely box of cards, they're going to bring so many smiles! Thank you!
  2. The Ellicott City Rubber Stampers, Ellicott City, MD - Thank you for another batch of wonderful cards, your work is always so wonderful!
  3. Cathy C., Winston-Salem, NC - On a hot summer day, your Christmas cards were a beautiful blessing, thank you so much for sharing them with our heroes!
  4. Marianne C, Naches WA, bless you, what a fantastic package of cards---each will be so loved! Your shipping donation is so appreciated too!
  5. Nancy H, Knights Landing CA, what a beautiful collection of cards! Thank you sooooooo much!!
  6. Cindy W. and the Randolph High School Golf Booster Club, Randolph, NJ - Thank you for the wonderful box loaded with cards, this will help fill another box this week!
  7. Darlene McG, Ridgecrest CA, your cards are so simple and ADORABLE! Thank you so much, what a blessing!
  8. Diane B, and everyone who took part in Letters Home...can I just say the biggest WOW ever? That box of 900+ cards was AMAZING! Many are in the mail already!!!!
  9. Heather B, El Cajon CA, your cards are so cute! Thanks soooo much!
  10. Julie R, Greenacres FL, your cards are so pretty, our heroes are going to love them - can't wait to start Christmas shipping! Thanks for the postage help!
  11. Kathie H, Victorville CA, thanks so much for the awesome cards!!
  12. Linda H, Circle Pines MN - Ho Ho Holy Holidays, what a beautiful box of holiday cards, Linda, thank you!! Your donation is much appreciated as well, bless you!
  13. Linda H, Marietta GA, thank you so much for your 25+2 challenge cards! You're very talented, these are beautiful!
  14. Nancy B, El Cajon CA, THANK you, oh my! What pretty cards, so many for Christmas! And the AnyHero birthday cards are going to bring some huge smiles! :)
  15. Sharon P, Victorville CA - your cards are just adorable! So glad you stumbled onto our website...thanks for the shipping donation and ALL the AnyHero letters too!
  16. To our anonymous donor in Morristown, TN - thank you! These are adorable inchie cards :)
  17. Denise W, Las Vegas NV, thank you for your weekly faithfulness, wow!
  18. Jennifer C, Stone Mountain GA, thank you so much for the great cards - and custom envelopes to go with them! So beautiful!
  19. Lyn B. and The Paper Arts Club of CNY, Brewerton, NY - Thank YOU for joining our worthy effort - your cards are wonderful!
  20. Mandy A. and Mimi D., Pembroke, MA - Thank you for your wonderful package of cards, and for helping us set up a box at your local store for card collection - awesome!
  21. Marian P., Wappingers Falls, NY - Wonderful package of cards, and a nice shipping donation too - thank you so much!
  22. Nancy M, Fremont CA, I love your cards---especially the "I wish I was....(inside) Home for the Holidays"...that one is going to be fought over by our heroes. Thank you!
  23. Tina H, Northridge CA - your cards are so cute, thank you sooooo much!!
  24. Carol P, Peoria AZ, I just love these cards, and our heroes will too! Thanks so much for the shipping help and AnyHero letters too!
  25. Janine C, El Monte CA - your cards are always so pretty - thank you for faithfully serving those who serve us!!!
  26. Kathay P, Humble TX, your generosity is soooo appreciated, thank you!
  27. SuzAnn A, Salt Lake City UT, thanks sooooo much, your cards are fantastic!
  28. Suzanne S, Irvine CA, your cards are precious! Our heroes are going to love them all!
  29. Becky D, Warwick RI.....thank you for the beautiful cards.
  30. Seongsook D, Elk Grove CA......your cards are beautiful as always. THANK YOU!
  31. Mary S, Taunton MI.....a wonderful box of cards!!! THANK YOU!
  32. Polly P, St Paul MN...Thank you for the wonderful Christmas cards!!!
  33. Linda K, Grant MI....thank you for the box of lovely cards and Any Hero letters and shipping donation!!!
  34. Kelly B, Apple Valley.....thank you for the cards and the drawings done by the kids. Your shipping help is appreciated!
  35. Rebecca P., Virginia Beach, VA - Thank you for the great package of cards today - your designs are always so wonderful for our heroes!
  36. Sheryl D, The Woodlands TX....thank you for another wonderful box of cards!! Love them!
  37. Mary R, Apache Junction, AZ - thanks so much for all the awesome cards---especially the great ones for our heroes' kids! Great job!
  38. Sandy F, Irvine CA - wow! It's truly been the holidays at your house...thanks for sharing the festivities with our heroes!
  39. Lisa F, Plover WI....thank you for the cute Halloween cards!!! Your shipping help is appreciated!
  40. Susan S, Grove City OH.....thank you for the wonderful cards and generous donation for shipping!!!
  41. Lauren L, Plainfield IL....WOW! What a large box of cards!! Thank you for all the assorted themes, The cards are beautiful!
  42. Debby P, Buffalo MO......another box of beautiful cards! THANKS! Your donation is much appreciated as well!
  43. Shirley F, Defiance MO.....thank you for the wonderful cards!!!
  44. Sharla V, Topeka KS......Thank you for the wonderful cards! Love them!
  45. Karen P, Fairfax VA.....thank you for the lovely cards. Beautiful!! Your shipping help is appreciated!
  46. Kay C, Minnetonka MN....thank you for the lovely cards.
  47. Joy O, Carmel IN...thank you for the beautiful cards! We appreciate your shipping assistance!
  48. Lori N, Jefferson City MO.....thank you for the wonderful cards and continued support!
  49. Karen and Mainstreet Church of Christ, Oakland Park FL......thank you for the Any Hero letters. They will bring smiles to lots of faces!
  50. Karen G, Oakland Park FL....what a wonderful package of Christmas cards!!! Love them!
  51. Sandi M, Fremont CA.....thank you for the wonderful package of beautiful cards and Any Hero letters!!! Your shipping help is appreciated too!
  52. Leah C, St Paul MN.....thank you for the wonderful box full of cards. Beautiful!!
  53. Sharon M, The Colony TX.....a second package from you!! Thank you...both packages of cards are wonderful!
  54. Sue A, Rockford IL.....what a wonderful box of cards and Any Hero letters. THANK YOU!
  55. Jayne R-E, Forston GA......thank you for the wonderful box of cards. They are beautiful!!!
  56. Pam J, Houghton Lake MI....awesome Christmas and love themed cards!!! Thank you!
  57. Stephanie G. and Robin H., New York, NY - Thanks for the great package of holiday (and other!) cards for our heroes! Shipping funds are always appreciated too - thank you!
  58. Linda K, Indianapolis IN.....thank you for the box of wonderful cards!!! Love them.
  59. Carrie B, Topeka KS.....WOW! What stunning cards! Thank you!
  60. Cindy B, Dearborn Heights MN...what a lovely assortment of cards! Thank you so much. I also appreciate the extra envelopes and shipping donation you sent!
  61. Melanie P and Daisy Troop 1324, Hurst TX......thank you so much for the wonderful Any Hero notes! Great Job.
  62. Katie M, Tulsa OK...thank you for the very pretty cards you sent in.
  63. Sarah H, Tulsa OK.......the cards you sent are beautiful...THANK YOU! Your shipping donation is much appreciated too!!
  64. Cecilia S., Raleigh, NC - Your box was overflowing with wonderful cards, thank you so much for supporting our heroes!
  65. To our anonymous donor in Quincy MI, thanks soooo much for the cards!
  66. Rebecca S, Munster IN......your cards are beautiful. Thank you!! Your shipping help is appreciated!
  67. Fowler and Friends, LaGrange IL.......thank you ladies for the wonderful cards and gift for shipping!!!!!
  68. Donna K, Gainesville MO....what a wonderful box of cards! Thank you so much for all the cards and Any Hero letters! Your shipping help is appreciated!
  69. Elaine L, Freer TX.....thank you for the beautiful cards and the Any Hero notes! Your shipping help is appreciated!
  70. Mrs Peter S, Glen Haven CO.......thank you for the beautiful cards!!!
  71. Karen L, Glen Haven CO......thank you for the beautiful cards!
  72. Suzanne H, Buffalo OK.....thank you for the package of cards. They are beautiful! Also, thank you for being a proud parent of a Marine!!!
  73. Joan J, Tucson AZ.....Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL cards!!!!!
  74. Patricia A, Tulsa OK....what a great box of cards! Thank you!!
  75. Kaitlin F. and the Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, NY - Thank you for the wonderful cards for our heroes!
  76. Linda M, Marietta GA.....WOW! This box of cards is awesome! THANK YOU!
  77. Celia C, Kerrville TX.....thank you for the wonderful box of cards and Any Hero letters! Much appreciated!
  78. Barbara B, Lakewood CO....beautiful cards!!! THANK YOU!
  79. Angela H, Wayne MI......What a great first box of cards!! BEAUTIFUL!!!
  80. Sharon T., Ijamsville, MD - Thank you so much for your wonderful package of cards - they are so clever!
  81. Pat Q., Bethel Park, PA - Amazing box of cards from you today, thank you so much - and for the shipping funds also! YOU are wonderful!
  82. Shari R, Vancouver WA, your halloween cards are delightfully spooky---thanks for making them part of your 25+2 challenge!
  83. Etkind family, your Christmas cards are terrific, thank you soooo much for the blanks and the AnyHero cards :)
  84. Los Gatos Elks, San Jose CA - WOW! Your cards get better each and every time, thanks! The AnyHero cards are wonderful too...Merry Christmas!
  85. Karen G, Oakland Park, FL, it's so great to see your cards in person - they're wonderful, thank you!
  86. Lina W, Hampton VA - you did GREAT without your summer flowers, these are just wonderful....keep up the awesome work! :)
  87. Tara C and the Murdock Movie Madness - thank you for doing a service project for our heroes at your family reunion! What a great idea...and our heroes will be blessed! The AnyHero cards are an absolute treasure!

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