Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thankful Thursday Aug 20: 4743 cards!

Many thanks to all our fantastic cardmakers who sent in creations this week!

  1. Joanne B., Lewiston, ME - Thank you for the wonderful cards, the Thanksgiving cards are really lovely!
  2. Therese D., Lewiston, ME - Thank you for coordinating yet another great box from our Maine friends! Awesome job!
  3. Lauren B., Lewiston, ME - Thanks for creating such wonderful cards to send to our heroes - they will appreciate them so much!
  4. Wendy S., Raleigh, NC - What a wonderful assortment of cards in your box - perfect for now and later! Great job!
  5. Pamela L., Mineral Bluff, GA - Terrific cards, thank you for sharing them with our heroes!
  6. Nancy F., Trexlertown, PA - Thank you for organizing a cardmaking day - glad you had fun and our heroes will love your result!!
  7. Joanne M., Allentown, PA - Thanks for joining with Nancy and making some great cards for our heroes - glad to hear you had fun along the way too!
  8. Claudette A., Auburn, ME - Great cards in the Maine package today, thank you for sharing your talent!
  9. Kate M, Bossier City LA, your cards are so pretty - and it's AWEsome to see that dahlia card in person! Thanks so much for the donation as rock!
  10. Connie T, San Antonio TX.....thank you for the lovely cards!
  11. Tammy F, Nort Judson IN......WOW! Your box is impressive. Cards are beautiful and quantify is great! Thanks!
  12. Sara G and friends, San Antonio TX......Ladies thank you so much for the beautiful cards!
  13. Leah C, St Paul MN.....These Christmas cards are stunning!! Thanks!
  14. Marilyn and Betty S, Columbus OH......Ladies, another great package of cards. THANKS!
  15. Ann R., Palmyra, NJ - 25+2 and a bonus card, great job on these wonderful cards! Thanks for the shipping donation also!
  16. Tammy H, Harrisburg PA.....what a wonderful assortment of BEAUTIFUL cards! THANKS!
  17. Susan S, Castle Rock CO......thank you for the wonderful cards!! Love them!
  18. Sue A, Rockford IL......what a wonderful package of Christmas cards! They are stunning!
  19. Janine D, Wind Lake WI......WOW! What an impressive box of cards. They are stunning!!! THANKS!
  20. Cherrie M, Camarillo CA, thanks sooooo much for the huge box of cards!
  21. Chris P and the wonderful folks at Deloitte - oh my what a fantastic package of AnyHero letters!! Thank you on behalf of all the hearts that will be overrun with joy!
  22. Seongsook D, Elk Grove CA, you outdid yourself, these Christmas cards are just stunning! Thank you!
  23. Emily M, San Diego CA, thanks so much for the great Christmas and other cards - those felt butterflies are adorable :)
  24. Marian N., Conyers, GA - What a great package of cards - your use of layering is just beautiful! Thanks for your first donation to CFH!
  25. Becky M., Ellicott City, MD - Thank you so much for your Christmas in July donation - awesome job!
  26. Jody M., Scottsdale, AZ - Thank you for yet another wonderful box of cards, and a generous shipping donation - you are awesome!
  27. Krystal H, thank you for your generous donation!!
  28. Rebecca P. and Daughter, Virginia Beach, VA - Thank you so much for another great box of cards (the fall cards are wonderful!) - and to your daughter for her shipping donation - awesome job!
  29. Kathy R., Duncan, SC - Amazing box loaded with cards both for the holidays and everyday - thank you for thinking of our heroes!
  30. Paula S., Stamford, CT - Way to use up that stash doing something good for our heroes! Thank you for your ongoing support!
  31. Buffy F, San Francisco, what awesome cards!! Thank you so much...our heroes will absolutely love using them!
  32. Denise W, Las Vegas NV - such a pretty box full of love, thank you!!
  33. Tami W, Walnut Creek - beauuuuuuutiful cards, they arrived so perfectly! Thank you so much for blessing our heroes with your talents!
  34. Cheryl Y, South Pasadena CA, absolutely love all the cards in BOTH packages, wow! Your generous shipping donation is so appreciated, thanks!!
  35. Vickiy O, Las Vegas NV, your cards and AnyHero are all fantastic, thank you so very very much!
  36. Kimberley M, Kennewick WA - what a GREAT idea to make cards in honor of your Mom's birthday! Happy bday Mom!!!
  37. Cassady, Camino CA - thank you SO much for all these pretty cards!!
  38. Greta P, Milford OH, your cards arrived right on time, thanks for the great selection!
  39. Lee B, Dalton WI, your cards are so cute - and all that work on the handmade envelopes, wow! Thank you!!!
  40. Julie W, Greenfield WI......WOW, what a box of cards! They are BEAUTIFUL!
  41. JoAnne N, Romeoville IL.....thank you so much for the wonderful cards!!!
  42. Susan S, Grove City OH.....thank you for another great box of cards. BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks you also for the Any Hero notes.
  43. Helen M, Spring Creek NV.....thank you for the great box of cards and Any Hero letters!!
  44. Sue A and Karen N, Rockford IL.....thank you for the stunning cards! WOW!
  45. Karen P, Chicago IL.....your cards are beautiful! THANK YOU for them and the Any Hero letters.
  46. Shirley V, Rochester MN.....thank you for the wonderful cards!!! Love them.
  47. Lorraine D, Norwood PA.....Thank you for the cards. I needed cards for kids!
  48. Jody M, Scottsdale AZ.....what wonderful cards!!! Thanks for them and the Any Hero letters!
  49. To our anonymous donor in Collinsville AL, thank you SO much!!
  50. Nancy C, Hollister CA, your cards are always so darned cute - love all the embellies and papers!
  51. Gayle & Tori G., Middletown, NY - Thank you for the awesome package of cards, and shipping funds too!
  52. Cara S., Phoenix, AZ - Great box of cards, thank you so much for sharing them with our heroes!
  53. Joyce L., Flushing, NY - Another great box of cards, your creativity is wonderful!

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