Saturday, September 5, 2009

All about envelopes

Odd-sized cards (anything other than A2, 4.25" x 5.5")
Please provide envelopes for non-standard cards; our shippers may have envelopes to match what you're sending, but not always; square envelopes are especially a challenge for us. (And when you read on, you may decide on "going standard" anyway!)

A2 Envelopes (for 4.25" x 5.5" cards, the size we strongly prefer)
Donated envelopes are always our preference, of course! If you have a contact with a printer or manufacturer who would like to donate quantities of A2 envelopes, please email us!

We now have a source to purchase inexpensive A2s! One of our cardmakers pointed us to a source for a thin but nice envelope online, at Heinrich Envelopes. With shipping, they're only $114 per five thousand envelopes! If we continue to fundraise just a little for envelopes on top of the funds we need for shipping, we can order these from now on when we run out. 
Note about Heinrich Envelopes: they require envelopes be purchased by the thousands, and assesses a $10 fee for orders under $75 - so if you only need a few hundred, it's possibly not worth your while!
Important note: Some of you have been asking how to make life easier for our shippers. And obviously if your cards come with envelopes and properly stamped on the back and matched up with envelopes (see the video in the Mailroom), that clearly is easier on our shippers than them doing the envelope portion. But — the shippers are quite willing to match your cards with the A2 envelopes they have on-hand.

The bottom line: You may now ship your A2 cards without envelopes; that either means smaller packages for you to pay shipping on, or more cards fitting into a big box! If you'd like to put a little extra money in your package to go toward the purchase of envelopes, please don't hesitate to do that; we'll still recruit donated envelopes, but if we have some money to purchase with when donations aren't available that will really help!

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Nicole B said...

ULINE is one of my favorite shipping supply companies.

Maybe they will donate?

All you can do is try, right!