Saturday, August 29, 2009

AnyHero Poems & Sentiments

Following are a collection of poems and sentiments that were added on the discussion board on the old CFH website; please add your own in the comments on this post!

This card brings you greetings,
This card represents care,
This card salutes courage,
This card carries our prayers.
This card gives our thanks
For all that you do;
Till the day you come home safe
May God watch over you!
You are a hero
Not because you wear a uniform
Or carry a gun,
But because you serve your country
Far from loved ones and home.
There are not many
With the courage to do what you do.
You stand in the desert
To protect the helpless;
To guard the future;
And to build a better world.
We salute you
For who you are and what you do.
May God protect you
The way you protect others.
May God lay His loving hands on you
And keep you safe from harm
Until the day you return home
And ever after.

 Born to love
Trained to protect
Destined to be our hero.
—from an AnyHero letter by a child 

Just a little note to say
That tho you may be far away
Friends and strangers for you pray
That God may keep you safe today

God & I thought about you today.

Dear hero
This I pray
God bless you
every day
Your courage gives me courage
If I never said Thank You, I do it now
May God grant you Victory
Prayers are the way I visit you
Remembered always, never forgotten

is Fear that has said it prayers.
—added by Chrissi, found on a church bulletin
Thank you for who you are,
where you are,
doing what you're doing.
Be safe and come home soon.


Christine said...

Found this quote today
"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." Bob Dylan

Anonymous said...

God cares...and so do I.