Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Buy your OWH stamp!

Why stamp my cards?
We make sure "Operation Write Home" is on the back of each card we send...then we get to hear back from families who write to tell us they got a card from their hero! We've also had new contacts sign up for cards when someone shared their box, so it's great to spread the word to more heroes.

You can help out the shippers by assuring that "Operation Write Home" is on the backs of your cards before you send them in. Some folks print labels, others write it out by hand. But we're stampers, so...why not stamp it!

Make your own
You can snag the artwork below for any of our designs (click on the image, then download the following large image—if you don't, the thumbnails will be too fuzzy to print) and make labels or have a stamp made at your local office supply store. You can also have a stamp created in text only. Customizing it with your name, hometown, blog, or email address is just fine too!

Order self-inking stamp online
For your convenience, StampXpress carries our designs in their self-inking stamps, with customizable options (see their site for more information). OWH does not make any money off the stamps purchased through these sites, nor do we have control over quality or handle returns.
[note: due to increasing quality complaints, we've removed the link for acrylic stamps; if we find a new vendor, we'll add it here.]

Print Labels
For dark card bases especially, labels are a great solution! Print them in text, add a logo if you want, or put your email address or hometown. Cardmaker Lisa H has been kind enough to put together a ready made label sheet with a variety of logos - note you'll need Avery 5160 and 8160 labels to print 30 per sheet: Download pdf labels to print  

Our recent order of 600 stamps!
Simple red rubber stamp
While supplies last, we offer a FREE plain red rubber stamp. Note it has no cushion, backing, adhesive, or wood mount. No customizing. Just the rubber stamp. We want you to stamp the cards (and save our shippers HOURS of labor doing it for you!) that we're giving them away while we can! Please fill out this form with your address; Kris is packing them up and mailing them out for us. Please feel free to make a donation toward the cost of the stamps when you send in your cards...it's much appreciated!

Remember, click on the image to make it larger in a new window, and then download.  Rightclicking on these will produce a fuzzy image.


craftymom205 said...

The link to download the labels to print doesn't work. It sends me to the list of requirements for cards to be submitted for sending to the troops.

ThePurplePlace said...

Thanks for correcting the link to the labels! It's working fine now!

scrapkathy said...

The link for the labels is a .docx file and I can't open it. Can you also post a link to a .doc file for those of us who can't access the updates .docx documents.

Thank you and keep up the STAMPendous work.

Inky Hugs from Maryland,


Tara said...

@Kathy you can download a Compatibility Pack from Microsoft that will let you view .docx files using Office 2003, or if you don't have any version of Office, there is also a Viewer. Hope this helps!

Becky said...

The link for the download of the labels is not working again

Operation Write Home said...

Oops! I took down the old files since they didn't have our ® and didn't relink here. Sorry! There's a pdf version linked now, so that should also get rid of Word incompatibility issues.