Friday, September 4, 2009


The top question (aside from "Where are the shipper addresses?") is about glitter!

The reason behind our "no glitter" requirement may help to clarify things. It's not about the shiny aspect of glitter. It's about the messy side of it!
Many of our deployed heroes live in very primitive conditions. Primitive as in no showers for a couple weeks. No laundry. Nowhere to get cleaned up. And if they open a box of cards and get sprinkled all over, they might have absolutely nowhere to get rid of all that mess; they may not even realise it's all over them. And if they have glitter on their uniforms it can put them at risk — it can make them visible to night vision goggles, and that is just not a risk we're willing to take!
It's clearly hard for crafters to deal with making cards without glitter; we do realize that. However, we reallllllly ask that you set it aside for cards for OWH! The number of emails asking if this product or that product are okay show us that it's really really really hard — but we do appreciate your efforts to abide by what we need to do to keep our heroes safe!

And for those who absolutely can't stand having no shimmer, here's a list of products/techniques that we get asked about a lot. The rule of thumb is: does it flake or sprinkle off the card when touched? And not just touched lightly, but give it a good rubbing and see; if your hand is shimmery, do not send it.

Glitter products that are NOT okay:
  • Any glitter that flakes or sprinkles off the card. 
  • Manufactured embellishments with glitter that flakes or sprinkles off.
  • Papers with glitter that flakes or sprinkles off the paper.
  • Embossed glitter that isn't completely heated and sealed, and therefore flakes or sprinkles off the card.
  • Tubs, buckets, and bottles of glitter adhered with liquid or other glues are generally not acceptable because they do flake off. It's not possible to completely adhere every flake. Please just put the tubs away, thanks!
Glittery products that ARE okay:
  • Papers with embedded glitter - some of the DCWV and other brand papers have the glitter practically sealed in.
  • Stickles with embedded glitter. No flaking off.
  • Spica pens with embedded glitter. No flaking off.
  • Embossing powders with embedded glitter, as long as it's well-embossed. No flakes.
  • Pearlized inks, papers, and markers as long as there is (say it with me) no flaking off.
  • Other shiny embellishments and supplies that may shimmer but do NOT flake off.
Hopefully this helps clarify things...if not, we'll add more to this post!


Misty said...

That's the info I was looking for! Thank you.
hummingbird204 at comcast dot net

Kay D said...

I appreciate this info; I was wondering about Stickles

Anonymous said...

Thanks - I was wondering about the shimmer papers, and you've answered my concerns!

Lisa said...

A friend told me if you're unsure about some glitter on your card you can paint over it with clear nail polish, I tried it, and it seals it right up. Not only does the glitter not flake, I can't even scratch it off with my nails :)