Friday, September 11, 2009

Namechange: FAQ!

We are SO excited about our new name — Operation Write Home — and hope you are too! Here's a little FAQ on how things came about, sparing the details we'd rather forget :)

Why the change?
We'd been thinking about it for quite some time, for a number of reasons:
  • There were enough people who like to use the alternate spelling "heros" (instead of "heroes"—both are correct gramatically!) that we wanted it to be easier!
  • We actually had some people thinking the old name meant that we wrote cards to our heroes, and always found our selves saying we make cards for them to write home on. The words "write home" have been part of our description for a long time!
  • We wanted a web address — a whole "street" actually — to ourselves! :) So whether you type .org, .com, .biz, or a number of alternate spellings, you'll find us!
Why the big surprise?
Our board had been talking about it, but the plan had been to wait til we had our 501(c)(3) status; we didn't want to interrupt the IRS's diligent work. But....when we heard Kimber McGray was working on a book and wanted to partner with us—that sealed the deal and we wanted to get our new name underway! The birthday surprise was going to hopefully be that we had our new name, but we had some processes (legal and otherwise) to get underway before we could announce anything; so we have only been 100% certain of the name for less than 10 days!
Those who watched the video that came out recently saw me (Sandy) say you all should email me if you wanted that self-inking stamp; since I wasn't sure if we were changing yet, I asked those who emailed if they'd hang tight while I set up a deal for them, in the hopes I was setting up a deal for OWH stamps instead of CFH. To those who didn't email me — and ordered their own already — please read on, I have a little gift for you!

How did you choose Operation Write Home?
Our board brainstormed, plus a small group of crafters and some trusted friends, and our heroes as well— it was a pretty hefty bit of thinking! And every time someone said the words "Operation Write Home" you could almost "see" a smile come over them, hear a happy sigh, or feel a warm fuzzy.  And when we floated the name by a bunch of our heroes — the feedback was so fantastic, we knew we had the perfect name!

Has anything else changed?
Other than our new website, no! We still do the same work as when we were still love our heroes, we still treasure every one of our cardmakers and financial donors, we are still mailing packages to deployed warriors at an amazing pace! And of course we're still also waiting on the IRS for our 501(c)(3) status, that feels like a wait that will never end! :)

What about all my cards stamped with CFH on the back?
They'll still be just fine! We're leaving a re-direct on our old page, so anytime heroes, families, or cardmakers come upon a card with the old address, or someone follows an old link, it will still send them over to us. No worries! We still have cards sent in for Father's Day that have the CFH url, and our shippers won't be stamping them over again unless they get seriously bored. (Not likely with all the cards that come in all the time!)

What about this CFH stamp I have?
Check out Sandy's  Stamps for Clunkers Program!

Should I stamp the backs of my cards with CFH til I order a new one?
Yes, please do! Or you can make labels with OWH, handwrite the name (no .org needed anymore!), whatever else you'd like to do. You can also leave them blank for the shippers to deal with, but as you know that's a lot of work — your help is much appreciated!

Ongoing questions: If you have any further concerns about our namechange, please don't hesitate to email Sandy and she'll be glad to chat. (If you email on birthday weekend, please have patience, a lot of email volume is expected!) Feel free to leave a comment about your thoughts on these matters — we would love to hear what you think about the change!


Seongsook Duncan said...

Congratulations on our new name! Thanks for this FAQ. I need to get a new stamp.

Dawn said...

I am so happy for all of the owh team. WOoo HOoo!

Az Chris said...

Happy Birthday! I just sent off a box of cards and letters to Operation Write Home! I am so glad Jody introduced me to your organization, making cards is a way for me to show our heros that we are thinking about them every day.

liannallama said...

Great news and a great new name! Congrats!

(and working in the auto-industry can I tell you how much I am cracking up at your stamps for clunkers program, LOL!)

:> said...

Denise W
Love the new web site and new name. Congratulations and Happy Happy Birthday.

jaemom said...

Happy Birthday!!! LOVE LOVE the new name!

Karen said...

Stamps for Clunkers post has to be one of the funniest ideas I have ever read! Great job! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the new name, congratulations!!!! I'll keep spreading the word.......

Lyneen said...

CONGRATS... HAPPY BIRTHDAY and all that stuff!!!!


Love the new name!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome name change and a wonderful, loving plan for soldiers to have Happy Mail to send home to their loved ones and share with each other! Congratulations!!!
Khara Whitead