Saturday, September 5, 2009

Stamp the back of cards

To ensure that our heroes — and their families — know where the cards came from, we stamp the back of every card with our name! There are a number of options for doing this, and range in cost and effort...pick one that works for you!
  1. Purchase a self-inking stamp! We have a partnership nearly worked out with to produce both a custom (with your name) stamp or a few options that are not customizable. See all the designs below and on their page here!
  2. Have an acrylic stamp made at Imagine Stamps. Rebecca has been making our CFH stamps for a long time at a super price, and will have the OWH artwork to create them as well! Please visit and look in her custom section for more information. 
  3. Have a stamp made at your own vendor. Download one of our designs below to send to your favorite stamp manufacturer and have your own made.
  4. Use a label! Print the logo — or just our name in text — on a label to stick to the back of your card. Feel free to add your name, email, or a thankyou message to it!
  5. Write it by hand. Yes, some people go "old-fashioned" and write it by hand!
  6. Send them in without the name on the back. Our shippers (and their friends and kids!) will stamp cards that don't come with the name on the back.
A few notes:
  • You can put just "Operation Write Home" on the back - since we own all the url versions, there won't be any chance of someone missing us if they Google the name!
  • If you already have cards with Cards for Heroes on the back, you don't need to re-stamp them! We'll have a long slow transition as the word gets out, and we're going to leave our old webpage there for a long time with the re-direct to the new page. 
These are the designs provided to the vendors (they'll upload the ones they choose to offer when they get their sites updated, please be patient!). If you wish to download any of these to take to your own vendor, be aware these are high-res jpgs; if you place them in a Word doc they'll print at actual size, but if you print them from this webpage they look huge - so print them from Word!

This first design is the only one that will offer personalization - with your first name after "created by." 


This one is intended to have you hand-sign your initials or your first name in the space provided:

So stay tuned to this blog, and we'll let you know when we have working links to both stamp vendors who will have the artwork. We'll also include a link in our next eNewsletter which will come out on October 1st! (And every newsletter after that, too!)

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