Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday: Sept 17 2009

Oh my!! You are all just amazing...and this is only the mail in Washington. We hear that Kris got over 1400 from ONE group. It's raining cards!!!

We also received a great belated birthday present, and as soon as we get our ducks in a row on it we'll share...the party continues on!

(Does that mean we get more cake??)

Without further ado, here's this week's Thankful Thursday this the longest one ever, I wonder? I think it hits a record for a weekly quantity: 9,148 cards! WAY TO GO!
  1. Phyllis G, West St Paul MN.....thank you for the great box of cards!
  2. Lois D, Appleton WI.....thank you for the beautiful cards!
  3. Anne F, Vadnais Heights MN.....beautiful cards!!! Awesome Any Hero letters!! Thank you so much for the great package.
  4. Jan K, Raleigh NC....these are great Halloween cards!!! Thanks!
  5. Barb K, Escanaba MI.....another AWESOME package.  Thank you for getting all those Any Hero notes written.
  6. Stephanie G., New York, NY - Thank you for another great box of cards for our military - they are greatly appreciated!
  7. Nancy F., Trexlertown, PA - Cute cards, and the pens and writing paper were a great addition - thank you so much!
  8. Joan B., Marlinsville, VA - Your cards are so lovely, they will be so appreciated by the heroes, thank you for sending them and a nice shipping donation as well!
  9. Betty T., Salina, KS - Thank you for making a box loaded with A9 cards for our special request - they are PERFECT for our holiday boxes!
  10. Rebecca P., Virginia Beach, VA - we LOVE your crazy assortment of cards - great idea to make cards when you are done scrapbooking - keeps those scraps moving!  Thank you for sharing your work!
  11. Kelley L. and the Gingerwood Stampers, Butler, IN - Thanks for the great assortment of cards, they will make many of our heroes happy!
  12. Debby - What a great box of cards, and sorted by category and stamped - a shippers dream!  Thank you so much
  13. Sherry T., Collinsville, AL - Your cards and generous shipping donation made us smile today - and will surely make the heroes smile when they get their package - thank you!
  14. Rebecca L, West Des Moines IA.....what great cards!! Thank you!!
  15. Katrina G., Collierville, TN - Great job for your first shipment - the cards are so bright and fun!  Thank you!
  16. Ada W., Newtown Square, PA - The layering you do on your cards is beautiful, thank you for sending them for our heroes!
  17. Acri Family, Apalachia, NY - Thank you for the Halloween cards - our heroes will love sending them home to their families!
  18. Sandy M., Ona, WV - Great first batch of cards, we're glad you found us and happy to have you as a cardmaker!
  19. Chris C, Parkland WA, thanks for the awesome mix of cards, and the fantastic AnyHero cards! :)
  20. Vicky L, Cullowhee NC, your cards are so cute, thanks so much!
  21. Amber M, Goshen IN, what a box of beauuuuties! Thank you sooo much! Your shipping donation is much appreciated!
  22. Scrapbooks & Etc, Harrisburg NC, your box is packed to the gills with such nice cards, THANK YOU! The shipping donation is a huge blessing....go ladies go!
  23. Brenda V, Antioch CA, wowsers, what beautiful cards!!
  24. Velda S, Mesquite, NV, bless you for not only sending in all these pretty cards and AnyHero cards - but promoting it to the Gingerwood Bulletin Board too!
  25. Joanna V, Oakland CA - beautiful packet of cards, thanks so very much! Awesome postage donation as well, you made a bunch of heroes very happy!
  26. Kim N, Bloomington IL, thanks for sharing your talents with our heroes --- these cards will be loved!
  27. Lisa P, Post Falls ID - wow!! What a big box of lovely cards, thanks SO much!
  28. Sherri C, Los Angeles CA - oh my!! What pretty cards, THANK you!!
  29. Barbara S, Torrance CA - thanks so much for the awesome box full of cards, our heroes will love them!
  30. Laura P, Seatac WA, thanks sooooo much for the awesome cards and generous donation! You're awesome!
  31. Peggy W., Asheboro, NC - What a great, creative, wonderful package of cards - thank you so much for sharing them with Operation Write Home!
  32. Glenmoor Retirement Community, St Augustine, FL - What a fun time you all look like you had on cardmaking day - heard you are doing another for Christmas - can't wait to see how many great creations you make!  Thank you!
  33. Donna C., Stamford, CT - another great packet of cards, and what a clever idea to write any hero letters on postcards - they are just great!
  34. The Thunderbird Adventist Academy, Scottsdale, AZ - What wonderful any hero letters, and a super generous shipping donation too - thank you so much!
  35. TILL Inc., Watertown, MA - Thank you for another donation of great cards for our heroes to use!  
  36. Barbara S, Torrance CA - thanks so much for the awesome box full of cards, our heroes will love them!
  37. Laura P, Seatac WA, thanks sooooo much for the awesome cards and generous donation! You're awesome!
  38. Celeste L., Panama City, FL - Those large cards were PERFECT for our envelope donation - thank you so much!
  39. Therese D., Lewiston, ME - Thank you for a great box loaded with holiday and general cards - a great mix to add to LOTS of boxes!
  40. Claudette A., Auburn, ME - Thank you for creating such wonderful cards for our service men & women!
  41. RAK girls from TwoPeas, wowsers! What beautiful cards, and such generous donations---you're definitely spreading the happy! Thank yoU!
  42. Jess and Sandy C, Beloit WI - thank you so much for your continued financial support! 
  43. Chris D, Gilbert AZ and all the kids at CTA - oh my goodness! I cried when I read all your AnyHero letters!! You're going to bless SO many heroes, thank you!!!
  44. Kate M, Bossier City CA, thanks for your 'perfectly packed' boxes, wow! Your generous donation is much appreciated too!!
  45. Becky & Marilea, Elk Grove CA, you two must have elves who help you make so many beautiful cards...talented elves!! Thanks soooo much!
  46. Rhonda M, Grantsville UT - such beautiful Christmas cards, thank you so much - your AnyHero cards and shipping help are a blessing!
  47. Susan T, Cypress TX.....LOVE these Halloween cards!!! They are awesome!!
  48. Tammy A, Aurora CO....thank you for these great cards!
  49. Debbie P, Buffalo MO.....I never tire of seeing your wonderful cards! Love your style!!!
  50. Jeany F, Webb City MO....Thank you for the wonderful cards and the Any Hero notes.  Much appreciated!
  51. Flourishes stamp company........WOW! What a wonderful suprise to see at the front door.  Thank you for hosting a card drive for us.  THANK YOU to all the cardmakers who sent in their cards.......they are BEAUTIFUL!
  52. Lindsay M, Carrboro NC...Very cute Halloween cards!  THANKS!
  53. Carol C and Sue S, Papillon NE....another wonderful box of cards.  Really like your style ladies!
  54. Clara Ann H.O., Brownsville TX........What a great box of cards.  Thank you for them as well as the many Any Hero notes!
  55. Sue A, Rockford IL......another awesome box of cards.  Thank you for being a continued supporter.
  56. Cathy O, Albuquerque NM.....WOW! What a wonderful box of Any Hero notes! THANK YOU!
  57. Betty and Marilyn, Columbus OH......thanks ladies for another great box of cards!
  58. Preceptor Delta Tau Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, Bradenton FL.....thank you for the lovely cards! 
  59. Karen and Wally, Aurora IL......thank you for the wonderful cards that you contributed to our group.  
  60. Karen N, Beloit WI....thank you for the wonderful cards!
  61. Tami M, South Beloit IL.....what great cards!  Thank you!!
  62. Kay C. Minnetonka MN.....another awesome box of cards.  THANK YOU!
  63. Pam J, Houghton Lake MI.....these are wonderful cards. Like you style!!! Thanks!
  64. Polly P, St Paul MN....great cards. Thank you so much!
  65. Margie P and Daisy Troop 558, San Antonio TX.....Thank you girls for the pretty cards you made and the notes you wrote in the Any Hero cards.  Great Job!
  66. Jeni S, Austin TX....thank you for the pretty cards and the Any Hero note.
  67. Fowler & Friends, La Grange IL......ladies, thank you for all the work you do in making cards for us.  
  68. Judith D, Maplewood MN....what awesome Halloween cards.  Love all the bling!
  69. Barbara B, Lakewood the Halloween cards!
  70. Kay C, Minnetonka MN.....another GREAT box of cards.  Thank you!
  71. Paula S. and Friends, Stamford, CT - Each box brings more and more goodness, thank you so much for another great donation!
  72. Elizabeth S., New Canaan, CT - Fall is in the air with this great box of cards - thank you so much!
  73. Elizabeth K., Beaumont, TX - GREAT assortment of cards, and thank you so much for a shipping donation AND envelopes!
  74. Laurie J., Houston, TX - Great any hero letters, and cards for our military - thank you so much for your continued support of OWH!
  75. Diane W., Stoneham, MA - A great batch of amazing cards - thank you so much for supporting our service men and women with your wonderful creativity!
  76. Debbie B., Fishers, IN - Thank you for entering our Tis the Hero challenge - your cards are wonderful and will be loved!
  77. Denise W, Las Vegas NV, what a great box of cards, once again - thank you for the birthday wishes!!
  78. Jennifer M and Cheryl, Romeoville IL, thanks so much for  your wonderful cards - and the AnyHero cards will bring smiles for sure!
  79. Becky Jo M, Gardners PA, thanks for all the great wintery cards!
  80. Helen S, San Diego CA - super cards, and your AnyHero cards, bookmarks, and shipping help are much appreciated!!
  81. Shari R, Vancouver WA, your cards are so sweet, thank you - and the candy got snarfed down right away, LOL!
  82. Alison V, Tucson AZ, holy moly, what a box full of beauty! Thank you!!
  83. Sandy Mc, Kennesaw GA, yowsa!! What beauuuuutiful cards, thank you so much!
  84. Moments in Time Scrapbooking, Bakersfield CA, Wow what a box of cards!! Thank you!!!



Lost in Paper said...

Hooray for creative, busy hands!!!

Carmen O. said...

Yea! Whoop Whoop!!! Love to see this.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Over 9,000 cards, way to go everybody!

The kids at CTA Freedom worked on their Hero letters for a whole week. The teachers told me many times how excited the kids were to be doing this for our heros.

For those of you who have kids in elementary school, ask your kids' teacher -- they may be thrilled to participate. Instead of just one class, you end up with 100 letters! OWH has such awesome resources for school FAQ's online, all their questions are answered before they have them.

Az Chris

SuzAnn said...

9,148! Wowsers is right! That's a lot of love being shared and warms my heart. awesome.