Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday Sept 24

I had to doublecheck the total a few times to be sure of this. Are you ready?

Are you sitting down?

Really, I mean it.

Total cards this week: 11,047!!!!

(And you wonder why your shippers aren't on Facebook much lately?? They're madly stamping, sorting, and packing!) THANK YOU everyone, wow! And a huge thanks to our shippers who put in so many tireless hours each day getting these boxes together!
  1. Karen Y, Vancouver WA, such a huge box full of beauuuuuty! Thank you thank you!
  2. Joan W, Tacoma WA, thanks SO much, your halloween cards are precious and our heroes will treasure them!
  3. Shirley V, Rochester MN....thank you for the Any Hero letter and the cute Halloween cards!
  4. Beverly T, San Francisco CA - your cards are absolutely adorable, our heroes will love them! And they're my first with OWH on the back - hooray!!!
  5. Nicole S, Martinez, CA - oh my, all the LOVE cards! I needed these for my boxes so much, our heroes keep asking for more love cards. Thank you!! Your financial donation and extra envelopes are much appreciated too!
  6. Amy S, Aurora Co, your cards are soooooo pretty, thank you so much!
  7. Robin S., Parma, OH - Thank you so much for the wonderful batch of Christmas and holiday cards - Tis the Season!
  8. Melissa R, Marysville WA, thanks SO much for all the great fall cards!!
  9. Ann R., Palmyra, NJ - Awesome seasonal cards, thank you for sharing them with OWH and our military!
  10. Carol O, Kerry G, and Jen W, Simi Valley CA - whoa, what beautiful cards you made, THANK you!
  11. Carmen O., Toledo, OH - Beautiful cards, thank you so much - they will be snapped up by our heroes!
  12. Shirley M, Ruidoso NM, thank you soooo much - your wonderful cards, AnyHero letters, and financial help are a huge blessing!
  13. Cheryl L. and the Manhattan Scrapbookers, New York, NY - What a fun, diverse collection of cards!  We especially loved the witches boot for Halloween!  Great job!
  14. Marcy K., Canton, OH - Thanks so much for sending your FIRST shipment - perfectly done - dark cards lined, and OWH label on back - awesome job!  Welcome and Thanks!
  15. Rita J, Rudolph WI.......thanks for the great box of cards. Sure was heavy.
  16. Kathryn H, San Jose CA - thanks for the pretty cards and the great AnyHero letters!
  17. Barbara H., Nashville, TN - Thank you for the shipping donation at the Creating Keepsakes convention in Nashville - it was very generous of you to help!
  18. Carolyn F., Liberty MO...thanks for the pretty cards!!
  19. Cynthia B, Dearborn Heights.....what stunning cards! Thank you so much!
  20. Donna B., Jacksonville, FL - Thank you for thinking of our military personnel and sending cards!
  21. Darlene A., Palm Bay, FL - Your cards put us in the holiday spirit!  Thank you so much!
  22. Mara A. and Judi W., Westminster, MD - Your cards are amazingly beautiful - thank you so much!
  23. To the Cardmakers at the Creating Keepsakes Convention, Nashville, TN - Thank you so much for donating cards and thinking of our service men and women!
  24. Unknown Cardmaker, Louisville, KY - Thank you for the wonderful any hero letters, and greeting cards!  We don't have your name but please know we appreciate you!
  25. Susan W., Rutland, VT - Just a wonderful assortment of general cards - they could not have come at a better time - thank you!
  26. Tammy T., Charleston, WV - Great any hero letters, and wonderful cards too!  Thank you so much!
  27. Deloris T., West Salem, OH - Great cards, as always!  Your support of Operation Write Home is greatly appreciated!
  28. Cecilia S., Raleigh, NC - Fantastic box of Halloween cards - loved the colors!
  29. Jeanne S., Hebron IN.....thank you for the great cards!! Beautiful!!
  30. Sue S, Hendersonville TN.....thank you for your first box of cards.  They are beautiful!!
  31. Carole Ann S, The Woodlands TX......Thank you so much for all the Any Hero letters.  Also for the beautiful cards!
  32. Judy R, Minneapolis MN.....thank you for the cute Halloween cards!
  33. Joan R, Vancouver WA, wow! You have such talent!! Thanks for sharing it with our heroes!!
  34. Pamela R., Milford, CT - Your cards were wonderful, especially the ones for kids which are always extra special!  Thank you!
  35. Tracey P., Johnstown, PA - Awesome elegant and yet spooky Halloween cards - great work!  Thank you!
  36. Janet P and Diane L, Lawrence KS......thank you ladies for the wonderful cards.
  37. Shelly P., Royal Oak, MI - Awesome job with another great box of cards!  Thank you so much for your support!
  38. Karen P and Kayla Jo B, Chicago IL.....thank you for sharing our cause with others in your area.  These cards are wonderful!!
  39. Kathy P. and all the cardmakers at Scrapbook Island - thank you so much for an amazing array of cards!  Fantastic job!
  40. Dawn L., Racine WI....Thank you for the package of beautfiul cards!!
  41. Pamela L., Mineral Bluff, GA - Thanks for the great spooky and fun cards - perfect for our fall boxes!
  42. Linda K, Grant MI.....beautiful cards as always! Thank you!
  43. Gai J, Dallas TX.....another package of beautiufl cards!! Thank you so much!
  44. Linda D, Hutchison MN.....this box is full of BEAUTIFUL cards! Thank you.
  45. Sheryl D, The Woodlands TX.......WOW! Didn't think I was ever going to make it to the bottom of your box.  These are awesome!
  46. Marianne C, Naches WA - thank you so much, what pretty cards! And thanks for the shipping donation!!
  47. Andrea C. and Friends, Boca Raton, FL - Great box of cards, and special thanks for making A9 cards for our LARGE envelopes - you did a great job with those!  Thank you!
  48. Carrie C., Harclock, NC - Thank you for the cute and funny cards!  
  49. Jason B, Keller TX......These are WONDERFUL Any Hero notes from the children.  THANK YOU!
  50. Karen B, Fort Worth TX......thank you for the package of gorgeous cards!
  51. Barbara B, Lakewood the Halloween cards!
  52. Ruthann A, Blairsville GA......wonderful Christmas cards! Love them.  Thank you.
  53. Sandy A, Elizabethtown KY.....What spooky Halloween cards!!! Thank you for the many Any Hero notes.
  54. Char, Rhonda and Linda at Memories from the Heart......thank you so much for the stunning Christmas cards!! Love them.
  55. Lina W, Hampton VA - you did GREAT without your summer flowers, these are just wonderful....keep up the awesome work! :)
  56. Cardmaker Wallace, Melbourne, FL - Thank you for the great assortment of Halloween and general cards!
  57. Donna R., Worcester, MA - Thanks to you and your Thursday scrapping friends for the wonderful cards - perfect for the upcoming season!
  58. Robbie R., Hollywood, MD - Beautiful cards - great job!  Thanks for sharing them with Operation Write Home and our military!
  59. Jamie P., Pittsburgh, PA - Thanks for watching the video and preparing the cards to make the shippers work easy - great job!  
  60. Joy O, Carmel IN....thank you for the wonderful box of pretty cards!!
  61. Denise L., Pismo Beach, CA - Thanks for answering the call to make some of the A9 cards - they were great!  
  62. Sandy H, Lewiston CA - such cute cards, thanks!! And your shipping donation and AnyHero letter are a blessing! :)
  63. Michelle H., Merion Station, PA - Thanks for the lovely cards, and a generous shipping donation too - very appreciated!
  64. Pat G., Upton, MA - Thank you so much for bringing your cards to A Time For Memories in North Grafton!
  65. Bonnie C., Virginia Beach, VA - Great general themed cards, thank you so much!
  66. Barbara C, Tucson AZ, thanks soooo much, I love all your cards and our heroes will too!
  67. Jennifer B., Broad Run, VA - Thanks for your first shipment of cards - they are absolutely beautiful!  
  68. SuzAnn A, Salt Lake City UT, thanks sooooo much, your cards are fantastic!
  69. Janine C, El Monte CA, your cards are always so awesome---thank you so much!
  70. Ann W., Knoxville, TN - Welcome back!  We've missed you!  Thank you so much for your wonderful box of cards for the 'Tis The Hero challenge
  71. Denise W, Las Vegas NV - thanks so much for another box of wonderful cards!
  72. Janet W and the Womens Relief Society, 10th Ward LDS - wow what a box of cards, thanks!!
  73. Maggie W., Upton, MA - Thank you for the beautiful Christmas cards - they are stunning!
  74. Lianna V, Huntington Beach, CA - thanks so much for the great spooky and Christmas cards! The donation for shipping ROCKS, bless you, friend!
  75. Karen T and Branches Christian Church, Buena Park CA - beauuuuutiful work, thank you so very very much!
  76. Frances T, Cabot AR, I love your cute cards! Thanks so much for your faithful talents you lend to our heroes!
  77. Patti S, St Louis MO, thanks for all the wonderful Christmas cards - and the extra envelopes are a huge blessing!
  78. Patti S. and the Cardmaking Ministry at the United Methodist Church in Chesterland, OH - Thank you for the adorable Halloween cards, our service men and women will love sending them to their families!
  79. Anita S, Louisville KY, thanks for your support.
  80. Kathy S., Sacramento, CA - Thanks for the great Halloween (and other) cards - and welcome to OWH!
  81. Holly R, Erie CO.....what a great box of cards!!! Beautiful!
  82. Jayne R-E,Fortson GA....WOW! Love these cards.....beautiful!!
  83. Lani R., Westampton, NJ - Your amazingly organized box was a big help to us, and wonderful for our heroes - thank you for your donation!
  84. Kay P., Fleming Island, FL - We never thought Halloween cards could be so beautiful - thank you so much!
  85. Donna M and Arctic Height Elementary - I am blown away by your wonderful cards and letters, wow! Thank you soooo much on behalf of our heroes!!
  86. Sandy M., Ona, WV - Great idea on the trifold cards to give our heroes more space to WRITE HOME!  Thank you so much!
  87. Carol M., Waukesha, WI - Thank you so much for the beautiful cards with touching sentiments - they will be very popular!
  88. Mary Alice and Michaella M,Rochester Hills MI....thank you for the scary Halloween cards!!!
  89. Dawna L., Bloomington, IN - Welcome to OWH, and thank you so much for sending your first box!  Great cards!
  90. Lillian L and girls - what a great bunch of halloween cards, and all the way from South Korea! Thank you!
  91. Anita K, Sealy TX....thanks for the nice assortment of themes. They are all beautiful.
  92. Maz K., Hopewell Junction, NY - Thanks for the great any hero letters and beautiful cards - your donation is appreciated!
  93. Judy J and the Red Hat Group, Rose Lip Maidens, and Woodbury School Teachers, Mission Viejo - wow! So many pretty cards, THANK you!
  94. Lynne H, Tampa FL....Your cards are beautitul and so appreciated!
  95. Karen G and Mainstreet Christian Church, Oakland Park FL - fantastic box of goodies, oh my! Cards, letters, fibers, papers - thanks so much!
  96. Nora G, Medford OR - such adorable Thanksgiving cards! And your shipping donation is truly a blessing, thank you!
  97. Lynn F., Wilmington, NC - Great assortment of cards, thank you so much for donating them to our heroes!
  98. Seongsook D. and friends, Elk Grove, CA - Thank you for a box loaded with wonderful cards - and thanks Seongsook for telling all your crafty friends about OWH!  We and the heroes appreciate it!
  99. Maria C, Vallejo CA - oh my what beautiful cards! Thank you sooo much for sharing your talents with our heroes!!
  100. Eydie & Jessica B., Cherry Hill, NJ - Go mom & daughter - what a great activity to share together, making cards that mean so much to our service men & women!  Great job!
  101. Lee B, Dalton WI, another box of really cute cards!! Thanks so much...your AnyHero cards and financial help are wonderful as well!
  102. Martha B., Santa Rosa, CA - You make the BEST cards for kids - I know they fly out of the boxes when they arrive to our recipients - thank you so much for your continued support of OWH!
  103. Maude B and Stamping Divas......great cards!!! Love them all.
  104. Unity Church of Peace, St Louis MO......thank you for the spooky box of Halloween cards.
  105. Lori N, Jefferson City MO.....thanks for the awesome cards.  Love them!
  106. Lynne M, Hoquiam WA, thank you for all these amazing cards - each one is just so beautiful!
  107. Nancy M, wow! Thank you so much for all the fantastic cards - perfect! Your shipping donation rocks, too, bless you!!
  108. Kathy R, Duncan SC, what beautiful cards you made, thank you!!
  109. Nancy C, Hollister CA, how you ever got that many incredible cards in one box - wow! Thank you sooooo much!
  110. Leslie F, Clinton UT, another package of awesome goodness...thank you!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW that is an amazing total. Awesome.

Paula S. said...

WOW, that is truly a stunning number! How exciting!! Do we need to start a collection to supply you shippers with boxes of No-Doz or a few pounds of Expresso?? :)

Carmen O. said...

Love it! Those social networking sites and blogging are working! So very cool. I order a OWH stamp today to save you time on the next bunch I send. :D

Carmen O. said...

*ordered* I really do know how to spell and use past tense.

Kajikit said...

Wow! What a haul of cardy goodness! It's great to see so many people stepping up to help out.