Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tis the Hero: Christmas Challenge!

Ho ho ho ho! Can you hear Santa's sleigh bells jingling?

We're launching our "Tis the Hero" challenge today (named by Stephanie H on the Facebook fan page - great idea!) for the holiday season---so if you missed out on Christmas in July especially, now's the time to get out your Christmas and winter stamps!

Last year we mailed out 35,000 cards for the fall and winter holidays! We haven't got any idea how many this year's going to bring...but we do know that ever since we added an official form to this website, requests have skyrocketed. So our suspicion is we'll be doubling the 35,000 this year, if we get that many cards in!

This year we'll count your other-than-Christmas cards if you send in Christmas ones as well - just so we can put in a few non-Christmas cards with our boxes. We got requests in the past for some birthday/love/thinking of you along with Christmas, and we didn't have much at all to put in! A good ratio, if you'd like to "balance" your box, might be about 75% Christmas...but of course we'll accept whatever you send in! :)

What's your goal?
Some of us like to set ourselves a goal....what's yours? Cards by a certain date? Quantity? Using a particular stamp or patterned paper line? Hosting a cardmaking party? Let's share our plans and get excited for the holiday challenge ahead!

Note for bloggers: we'll get some blinkies added to the Challenge page as soon as we can - with the birthday party coming up, our web time has been just a little limited!

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