Thursday, September 3, 2009

Website tour!

Welcome to our new website! We know change is tough, so we've put together a list of some of the things you might be looking for, and how/where to find them now. Our site is streamlined, with a lot of content now living on our blog, so we hope this little tour will help. There's a video here (a low tech tour, created while the site was in development!) as well as a text list below of some of the major items. Enjoy!

The basics! We hope the info is short, sweet, and to the point about the basics of what we do.
  • A few highlighted videos will rotate as we produce more; you can subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more.
  • Quick links to places you can find us are on the column on the right, as well as our donate and email buttons.
  • Current total # of cards, as well as deadlines for cards will be listed on the left, as always.
  • Top tips right in the middle! Each one will have a link to a post on the blog about those topics.
  • About us is at the bottom of the homepage now.
Hero Blog: Same great letters as always! Tags added so you can sort by letters from soldiers, families, etc; and the robust search feature that Blogger now has works wonders if you're looking for a hero letter you saw a long time back and only remembered a key word.

Homefront Blog: Here's where some big changes are! We're returning to our previous model - posting regularly updated content on the blog.
  • Mailroom Mondays: reports on what was mailed the past week, as well as current shipper needs, nearing deadlines, and Hero waiting list.
  • Thankful Thursdays: reports on what's been received the past week.
  • Any other time: lots of other content — inspirational, events, bloghops, links to sales, etc. 
  • Bloghops will be organized through our blog in the future.

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Seongsook Duncan said...

Sandy, this is great! Very well guided. Thanks.