Monday, October 26, 2009

Christmas and Winter Card deadline clarification

Hi folks! Frantic emails are arriving - and we know you're all working fast and furious to get your holiday cards done!

Our postmark deadline is Nov 1 - and dummy me (Sandy) hadn't ever really looked to see that's a Sunday. Yeah, doh! Go ahead and postmark on Monday or Tuesday, we want you to get as many cards done as you want to this weekend....what a fun thing to work on while the kids are out trick or treating!

NOTE: If you think you're not even going to make it for next week, you might consider making winter thinking-of-you cards for a couple weeks. If your cards get to a shipper in time to make it into a holiday box, they'll work for Christmas...but if they say "hello" or "thinking of you" or just have snowmen on them, they can also work for later shipments too!

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Thanks for letting me know about other good stuff!