Monday, October 19, 2009

Mailroom Monday Report: Oct 19, 2009

Big thanks to Norm the postal clerk - he does a great job with all our boxes, as do all the postal workers who we see every week!

Reminder: Holiday cards due postmarked Nov 1st!


2,623 cards mailed this past week:

To  heroes in Afghanistan:
335 cards to a mixed unit
335 cards to a mixed unit
335 cards to a mixed unit   

To heroes in Iraq:
300 cards to an Army unit
300 cards to a mixed unit
348 cards to an Army unit

To heroes in Kuwait:
 335 cards to an Army National Guard unit

To heroes in Qatar:
335 cards to an Air Force unit

Other fun statistics:
Number of boxes sent: 858
Number of hero contacts: 539
Total cards sent: 221,124!!

Deadline reminders:
Halloween: passed
Thanksgiving: passed
Christmas: Nov 1
Hannukkah: Nov 1
AnyHero Christmas letters: Dec 1

For those who might have missed it, we have some holiday needs:

  1. Shipping funds: You'll see by this week's shipping total below that a few of our weeks coming up are going to be this large or higher - this week's shipping costs were $358. That's just one week! So if you're able to request some assistance from your friends and family who want to support the effort to get all these cards overseas, feel free to get the word out! (Remember, donations are now tax-deductible!)
  2. Envelope funds: We had to purchase15,000 more envelopes recently, so if you're able to contribute a few dollars for envelopes for your cards, it's appreciated!
  3. AnyHero letters: As we're shipping lots more boxes now, we also need that many more AnyHero letters! (Check out this post on the Hero Blog to see what they mean to our warriors!)
Shipper needs this week:

Sandy: Mom's in town this week, so I'd love to "show off" a flood of cards to her...bring it on! I still have two special requests for Get Well AnyHero cards for patients at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and have only gotten two. So if everyone sending cards to me could include just one, that will helps! (I still need general ones and holiday ones too, the get well are an extra need!)

Fabre: Bring on the holiday cards!  I have lots of heroes waiting, and need to fill boxes!  Don't forget to include some cards for general use also - everyone still needs love you/miss you, and birthday cards! Winter themes would be great too.  Thank you so much!

Kris: I'm in need of Any Hero letters, thinking of you/miss you, thank you , anniversary and love themed cards.   I have envelopes that use a card base that is an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of cardstock folded in half.....if anyone is interested in making some cards that size.  Would be a great size for Valentine's day cards ... lots of space to write a nice love letter.

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