Friday, October 30, 2009

Response to children's AnyHero letters!

This might have belonged on the Hero Blog, but to be sure everyone sees it....

My husband volunteers with my son's class Friday mornings.  He just called and told me between the classes they have already gotten several responses from their Hero Letters.

One class even was sent a cd full of pictures from Iraq, an Iraqi flag that has Operation Iraqi Freedom - CTA Freedom written on it, and they have become email penpals with the class for the rest of the school year.  The teachers told my husband to tell me they are soo thankful I asked them to do this project.  They only hoped to get a couple responses so the kids know the heros got their letters, they never dreamed something like this.

I am just sitting her bawiling like a baby and I don't know why!  LOL.

Anyways just wanted to share the thanks cause my part is teeny tiny compared to everything you do.

Happy Friday!

Do you have a class of school children who might like to do something too?  Have them write letters, and create a label to put on each one with the school's address on it so that our heroes can write back if they get time. You never know what one little action in a classroom can start! (Maybe raising up a whole new generation of heroes, too!)

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Anonymous said...

I teach second grade and my students wrote Dear Hero letters this week. I'll definitely include school address labels to see if we receive a response. That would be a great surprise for my students!

Becky N