Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday Oct 29: 13,133 cards!

Edited to add: This photo was taken by crafters in North Carolina before they sent their cards in! Thanks Traci, Dixie, and friends!

13,133 cards were received this week!!!...keep up the cards and shipping donations, you can mail the last ones next Monday or Tuesday!!!
  1. Joan W, Tacoma WA - thanks so much for the wonderful cards!
  2. Lori H, Federal Way WA - what cuuuuute cards!! Love that DCWV paper, you did wonders with it!
  3. Wendee S, Dallas OR, Love your package of cards, and our heroes will too!!
  4. Vicky W, Minden NE, thank you for the great cards, they'll make our heroes smile!
  5. Lois M, Minden NE, thanks for the great box of cards - super selection!
  6. Betty T, Salina KS - wow, these are awesome AnyHero get well cards. And the extras in the box - Thanks!!!
  7. Bernardine E, Williston FL, lovely lovely cards, thank you!
  8. Grace D, Champaign IL, lovely cards - and thanks for the beanies too!
  9. Laura C, Park Rapids MN, oh my! These are the sweetest AnyHero packets (literally!) - they're going to make some of our warriors have a Merry Christmas! Thanks!
  10. Victoria L, Cullowhee, NC, your Christmas and AnyHero cards are just awesome, thank you sooooo much! Your shipping donation will assure one more box goes out - bless you!
  11. Shirley M, Ruidoso NM, thank you so much for the HUGE box of cards! Wowsers!
  12. Becky M. and the Ellicott City Rubber Stamp Club, Ellicott City, MD - It's beginning to feel a LOT like Christmas around here with your wonderful package - thank you so much!
  13. Joan M., Tappahannock, VA - Thank you for the wide selection of cards!
  14. Cyndy R., Contoocook, NH - Those cuddling snowmen were so sweet!  Thank you for the wonderful donation!
  15. Barbara S., Manville, NJ - Another great package of cards with some great holiday treasures, as well as a few cards for our military children!  Thank you!
  16. Angie H., Jasper, GA - Thank you so much for the lovely cards, as well as the nice shipping donation to help us get them to the middle east!
  17. Betty T., Salina, KS - Much gratitude for making cards to fit the A7 envelopes that were donated to us!  
  18. Andrea M., Ithaca, NY - What a fabulous idea to make cards in honor of your friend as a gift to him - our heroes will certainly appreciate your generosity!
  19. Lily H., Pittsburgh, PA - WOW - your cards are so artistic and beautiful, hand lettering and brush painting!  Thank you!
  20. Christine Z, White Lake MI, you make the cutest your embossing! Thanks so much for the shipping donation too!
  21. Flossie L, Eugene OR, what fantastic cards! Wow! Thanks so very very much!
  22. Amy S, Aurora CO - wowsers, these cards are lovely! Thanks so much!
  23. Marsha L, Sheffield OH - brilliant job covering glittery ornaments with epoxy stickers! You are so smart! Beautiful cards - and thank you for the shipping help!
  24. Kimberley M and Richard Y, AWESOME job on these cards....Robert especially, you are some colorer!! Way to go!
  25. Christy L, Petaluma CA, I love your cards, they'll be loved so much by our heroes too...thank you!
  26. Lindsay M, Canboro NC - such sweet cards and Anyhero cards, thank you soooo much! Your generous shipping donation is truly appreciated :)
  27. Amber M, Goshen IN - Awesome box of cards!! My Mom is going through them and getting overwhelmed with ideas!! *grin* Thanks so much for the shipping donation too!
  28. Dolores A, Frederick MD - thanks soooo much for the generous shipping donation - and for coming to make and sort cards with me!! Love you Mom!
  29. Wendy L., Circleville, OH - Thank you so much for the great assortment of birthday and holiday cards - the A9 cards were really spectacular!  
  30. Ann W., Knoxville, TN - Your cards melted our hearts!  Thank you so much for your wonderful donation!
  31. Pat Q. and the Bidwell Training Center, Pittsburgh, PA - Thanks for lovingly creating all of those wonderful holiday cards!  
  32. Rebecca P., Virginia Beach, VA - Thanks for another great box of cards for our service men & women - and big thanks to Hannah (age 4!) for making those adorable any hero cards!  
  33. Paula S., Stamford, CT - Thanks for answering the call for some Chanukah cards - they were perfect for our request from Project MOT!  
  34. Denise W, Las Vegas NV, thank you sooooo much for another batch of fabulous cards!
  35. Lee B, Dalton WI - wowsers! Fabulous cards once again, thank you!
  36. Ida V, Windsor Ontario - your cards are so cute, thank you soooo much!
  37. Chris L, Leavenworth KS, thanks so very much for your generous shipping donation!
  38. Lauren B., Lewiston, ME - Thank you for the wonderful cards, you are so talented!
  39. Cecilia S., Raleigh, NC - Your holiday cards were fabulous - thank you so much!
  40. Karen G., Oakland Park, FL - Thanks for answering our special request for some Chanukah cards, and enclosing some others as well!  
  41. SuzAnn H., Salt Lake City, UT - Thank you so much for the Chanukah cards - they were just perfect for project MOT!  
  42. TILL Inc., Watertown, MA - Thanks for another batch of fantastic any hero collage postcards - they are so great!
  43. Linda G, Cream Ridge NJ, thank you so much for the generous shipping donation!
  44. Carolyn L, Darien IL, your cards are sooooooo pretty! Wow, thanks so much!!
  45. Vanessa L, San Diego - bless you for the generous shipping donation!
  46. Esther E, Vancouver WA - there must be something wonderful in the Vancouver water, so many beautiful cards! Thank you!
  47. Jillian L, Vancouver BC Canada - ooooh what a wonderful first package of cards! Thanks!!!!
  48. Deb L, Carmichael CA, beautiful cards, wow! And thanks so much for the shipping help too!
  49. Kristi G, San Antonio TX, oh my! Lovely work on these cards, thank you so very much - and the get well cards toooooo!
  50. Jane R, Phoenix AZ - talk about amazing! What a box of beauties, thank you so much!!!
  51. Crafters at Scrapbooks & Etc, Harrisburg NC - y'all outdo yourselves with every box! Oh my! Thanks so much!!!
  52. Traci B, Harrisburg NC, thanks sooooo much for your generous shipping donation!
  53. Elissa K, Harrisburg NC, thanks sooooo much for your generous shipping donation!
  54. Carolyn L, Darien IL, your cards are sooooooo pretty! Wow, thanks so much!!
  55. Liz T., Saint Petersburg, FL - Thank you so much for a fabulous box of cards for our military men & women!
  56. Carolyn M. and all the crafters at Le Petit Artist, Mount Penn, PA - Thank you for the box of wonderful cards that you made on card drive day - they are wonderful!
  57. Janet M., Biddeford, ME - Thank you so much for the wonderful holiday cards - they will be loved!  
  58. Ruth B., Hillsborough, NJ - The holiday cards you sent are adorable - thanks so much!
  59. Celeste L., Panama City Beach, FL - WOW - An enormous box of holiday cards, AND you rallied your community to write letters to our heroes - terrific job!  Thank you!
  60. Lily H., Pittsburgh, PA - Thanks for more any hero mail - perfect to top off our boxes!
  61. Jaime M, Spokane WA, what a beauuutiful package of cards, thanks so very much!
  62. Judy S, Bakersfield, CA - I love your cards, they're lovely! Our heroes will truly appreciate them :)
  63. Yoland D, Compton CA - thanks for the pretty cards, they're wonderful!
  64. Karen E and everyone at The Scrappy Stamper, Chehalis WA - whoa what a box of crafty beauties, thanks to you all!
  65. Patti C., Ruby, NY - Awesome box of holiday cards, you will bless our heroes, thank you!
  66. Alison J. and the Buffalo Stamps & Stuff Stamp Club - Fantastic job on making all those wonderful cards!  Happy Holidays!  It will be for our heroes thanks to you!
  67. Elizabeth S., New Caanan, CT - Your cards are just fantastic, thank you so much for creating so many beautiful holiday cards!  
  68. Friends of DRS Designs, Bethel, CT - No words can describe the joy of getting over 1600 cards from you all - but at least we can say THANK YOU!  
  69. Dawna L., Bloomington, IN - What an amazing package of cards - you are so creative!  Thank you!
  70. Denise I., Williamsville, NY - Thank you so much - the cards are just beautiful!
  71. Cheryl B., Manchester, NH - Thank you for another batch of adorable cards for our heroes!
  72. Greta B., Clio, MI - Thank you so much for participating in the Elle's Studio Challenge - we are so grateful!
  73. JoAnn S., Thank you so much for the package of all-occasion cards!  
  74. Paula S., Stamford, CT - Your holiday cards are spectacular!  Thank you so much!
  75. Marge M., Wayne, NJ - Thank you so much for yet another great donation to Operation Write Home!
  76. Eleanor G., Manasquan, NJ - Thank you so much for the lovely cards!   They will be VERY appreciated!
  77. Donna C., Stamford, CT - Thanks for a terrific package of Christmas cards (and a few bonuses too!)
  78. Maggie J., Alex C., Bernie C., Jillie C., Katina T., Joy B., Jennifer H., Doug J., Toni L., Dianne M., (PHEW) - Cranberry Township and Pittsburgh, PA - Thank you so much for the fabulous group effort to get some holiday cards to our heroes!  They are wonderful!  And thank you for doing some Chanukah cards as well!
  79. Kathy C., Ilion, NY - Thank you for the fantastic package of cards, great job!
  80. Vicky V., Suffolk, VA - WOW!  Great box of cards - fantastic job!  Thanks too for the extra envelopes - we can always use them!
  81. Phyllis B., Jasper, GA - Your cards are lovely and will be very appreciated by our service men and women - thank you!
  82. Mandy and the NH Scrapbook Cabin Cardmakers, Amherst, NH - Thank you SO much for the wonderful box of cards - what fun you must have had getting them together - nice work!
  83. Julie R, Greenacres FL, such fantastic cards once again, thank you so much!
  84. Cindi P, West Palm Beach FL, thank you for the sweet cards!
  85. Tim M, Wellington FL - awesome work on your cards, thanks!!
  86. Kathy Marie P, Florida, thanks so much - love your cards!
  87. Dawn F, Boynton Beach FL, cute cards, thanks!!
  88. Donna S, West Palm Beach FL - thanks so much for sharing your creativity with our heroes!
  89. Sherry F, Royal Palm Beach FL, great cards, thank you!
  90. Heather B, Haverhill FL, thanks for blessing a hero with your card!
  91. Jane R, Phoenix AZ, your cards are just so beautiful, our heroes will love them!
  92. Nora G, Medford OR, thank you so much for the great cards - with the extra blessings! - and the GENEROUS donation! You rock!
  93. Helen S, San Diego CA, your cards are just wonderful, thank you! The shipping help is appreciated :) :) :)
  94. Joan K, Rio Rancho NM, what fantastic Christmas cards, thank you!
  95. Lori G, Tina W, and Mary Lou W, Clarksburg WV - WOW! Amazing box of cards, THANK YOU!
  96. Sandy Mc, Kennesaw GA - you make such cute cards, thanks for each and every one!
  97. Tammy A, Aurora Co....Love these Christmas cards! Very nice.
  98. Lenore L, Glendale Heights, IL.....what a nice package of cards! They are beautiful.
  99. Heather W, McKinney TX....thank you for the gorgeous Christmas cards!! Love them.
  100. Anita H, Fredericksburg, VA.....a great package of cards!! Thank you.
  101. Fowler and Friends, La Grange IL......thank you ladies for the wonderful box of cards.  Your continued support is appreciated.
  102. Joy O, Carmel IN.....WOW! What a box....these are beautiful.  Thanks so much!!!
  103. Mary H, Miamisburg OH....WOW! This is an awesome box of cards!  Thanks so much!
  104. Ladies at Cut N Paste Memories, Arlington TX......Love these cards! Stunning.....thank you!
  105. Maureen L, Cedar Rapids IA.....another wonderful box of cards. THANK YOU!
  106. Sue M, Scottsdale AZ....WOW! What a box of cards.  Thank you so much...these are wonderful!
  107. Kristen A, Franskville, WI....thank you for the beautiful cards!
  108. Pat L, Goshen IN.....thank you for the stunning cards! Love them!
  109. Lorraine D, Norwood PA....thank you for the wonderful cards.  Love how you have already started with Valentine's Day cards!!
  110. Las Noches Women's Club, Tempe AZ.....thank you so much for the awesome package of cards!!!
  111. Audrey H, Hooker OK......thank you for having the Sunday School class make cards and write any hero notes.  Much Appreciated!
  112. Clara Ann H O, Brownsville TX....thank you for the beautiful Christmas cards!!
  113. Sandra K, Sherwood WI....beautiful cards!!!  Thank you.
  114. Rhonda D, Houston TX...thank you for the gorgeous Christmas cards!
  115. Kelli L, Hanover MN......thank you for the wonderful box of cards! Love them.
  116. Traci O, Lansing MI.....what a great first box of cards!!!  These are beautiful!
  117. Brenda R, East Bethel MN....thank you for the wonderful cards.  
  118. Brenda S and friends, Millbury OH.......thanks so much ladies for the wonderful cards! LOVE these!
  119. Laura S, Charlotte NC.....another wonderful box of cards! Thank you!!
  120. Cindee G and friends, Lincoln NE......WOW! These two boxes ROCK! Christmas cards are Fabulous!
  121. Maude B, Las Cruces NM.....what great cards!!  Love them!
  122. Leslie W, Centerville OH....thank you for these great cards! They are beautiful.
  123. Sarah B, Cypress TX.....what a great first box of cards! Thanks for joining us.
  124. Nancy C, Warner SD.....thank you for the great cards!!! Very pretty!
  125. Helen M, Spring Creek NV...thanks for the wonderful box of Christmas cards and Any Hero letters!!!
  126. Shirley V, Rochester MN....thank you for the beautiful Christmas cards!!
  127. Marcia L, Council Bluffs IA....what a nice package of cards. They are very pretty!
  128. Susan S, Grove City OH.....beautiful cards!! Thanks so much.


    Carmen O. said...

    OMG I'm so happy you received so many cards!! A little more than I guessed. I hope you receive lots more!

    Anonymous said...

    Doesn't it make everyone happy to see the list of cardmakers and those sending other donations growing longer every week. Awesome job everyone!

    Bridget Larsen said...

    I love how you've arranged the cards, so appropriate