Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday; October 22, 2009

8,720 cards were received this week...thank you everyone, we're working towards being able to serve all the hero requests we've received....keep up the cards and shipping donations!

  1. St Mary Magdalene Caring Card Ministry, Gilbert AZ, you all made such wonderful cards ---great job, thank you!
  2. Jennifer A., Cortlandt Manor, NY - What sweet, beautiful cards - and including envelopes - thank you so much!
  3. Susan A, Orange Ca, thanks sooooo much for the cards for the signing! Love the patriotic turkeys, loL!
  4. Tory B, Moore OK....thank you for helping the Seniors at the retirement home make these wonderful cards and Any Hero notes!
  5. Gayle C., Carlisle, PA - The football themed cards were wonderful, as were the others - thank you so much!!!
  6. Kay C, Minnetonka MN.....another great box of cards! Thank you.
  7. Mary C., Virginia Beach, VA - What a fabulous package of Christmas cards - thank you so much!  
  8. Abigail D, Kansas City MO.....thank you for having the moms and kids of you group make these Any Hero cards.  The service members will love them!
  9. Ann D. Minneapolis MN....WOW! Two boxes of cards.  Thank you so much for all of these!
  10. Chris D, Gilbert AZ, awesome cards---and such a generous donation, thanks so much!
  11. Janis D, Olustee OK....a great first package!  Cards are wonderful!
  12. Etkind family & Los Gatos Elks Lodge #1857, your box of cards has arrived just in time to fill out some boxes! Perfect selection, thank you---and the AnyHero cards are fantastic!
  13. Katrina G., College Park, MD - Your cards were so fun and colorful, thank you for the donation!
  14. Diane H, Simi Valley CA, what a great selection of cards, thank you!
  15. Nancy H, Knights Landing CA, your cards are so awesome, love them all and so will our heroes!
  16. Laurie J., Houston, TX - Your cards are always stunningly beautiful, thank you for sharing them with Operation Write Home!
  17. Kim M, Leitchfield KY....Thank you for the wonderful cards!!!
  18. Jeanine M. and the Girlfriends of Fellowship of Praise Church, Santee, SC - Looks like you had a super fun ladies night out - thank you for dedicating your time to making cards!
  19. Sharon P, Victorville CA, thanks so much for all the cards!!
  20. Polly P, St Paul MN...Love these cards!! Very pretty!
  21. De'nise R., Oxford, MI - What a great any hero letter, and cute cards too - thank you for your donation!
  22. Marilyn and Betty S, Columbus OH.....thank you ladies for the wonderful cards!
  23. Stacy S, Klamath Falls OR....thank you so much for the wonderful cards.  Love your style!
  24. Tamra T., Charleston, WV - It makes us so happy to think how much joy those cute kids cards are going to bring to a hero's family - thank you so much!
  25. Betty T, Salina KS....WOW! This is an awesome box.  Love all the Any Hero notes.  Those definately helped replenish my supply of those! Cards are beautiful too!
  26. Alexis W, Omaha NE....thank you for the wonderful cards! Very pretty!
  27. Denise W, Las Vegas NV, thanks soooooo much, what a super selection!
  28. Ann W., Knoxville, TN - You are amazing - thank you so much for that great box filled with holiday goodness!  
  29. Diane W., Stoneham, MA - Thanks so much for including Kwanzaa cards with your holiday package - so thoughtful!  
  30. Claudette A., Lewiston, ME - Thank you so much for the great variety of cards - safe travels this winter and we look forward to seeing you again when the warm weather comes back!  
  31. Pam C., Schenectady, NY - Thank you so much for all the wonderful cards, and the extra square envelopes!  
  32. Therese D., Lewiston, ME - Thank you so much for the great package of cards, and for recruiting friends to help too - many hands make lighter work!
  33. Libby H, Austin TX - yowwwwwsa, girl, these are some amazing cards! Thank you so much!
  34. Carole K. and the On Top Of The World Stamping Club, Ocala, FL - Thank you so much for the wonderful box of cards, what a great opportunity to connect with your neighbors and help someone else!
  35. American Heritage Girls Troop TN 1004, your cards are just fannnnntastic!! Thank you!
  36. Kathryn M, Denver CO, what a gift to receive cards, letters, and a donation from you - keep up all your great work sending your own care packages too!
  37. Lisa M. and the Damascus Y-Women, Damascus, MD - Loved all those cards with the great inspirational quotes - thank you!
  38. Aidan, Alexandra, Ben, Nate, Nick, and Isaiah, Lancaster 4H, Lancaster, MA - We LOVED your cards and our heroes will too - thank you so much for taking the time to make them!   
  39. Cindee N., Harrisburg, PA - An amazing box of beautiful holiday cards, thank you so much!  
  40. Carol P, Peoria AZ - thanks so much, your cards and AnyHero letters are always so wonderful!
  41. Sacred Heart of the Hills Church, Auburn Hills, MI - Thanks to your VERY generous donation, we can ship over 20 holiday boxes to our service men & women - thank you so much!
  42. Robin S, San Mateo CA - wow, I am always just in awe of your talent! Thanks so much for the shipping help too!
  43. Paula S. and Friends, Stamford, CT - Merci Beaucoup for another great box of cards and some any hero letters too!  
  44. Velda S, Mesquite NV, your cards are just wonderful! Love the ones with inserts,too! And AnyHero letters are always a treasure :) Thanks!
  45. Shirley B, Duluth GA - fantastic cards, I love them all! Thanks so much for your generous financial gift too!!
  46. Karin C, Vancouver WA - bless you for a fantastic box of beautiful cards - and such a generous donation!
  47. Carrie C., Havelock, NC - Thank you for the clever cards!  And a shipping donation too!
  48. Dina C, Covina CA, beautiful work on your cards, Thank you!!
  49. Martha H, Los Angeles CA, your snowmen are so cute! Thank you!!
  50. Nancy H. and the Operation In As Much group, Memorial Baptist Church, Williamston, NC - Thank you for the box loaded with AWESOME Christmas cards - bless you!
  51. Teri K, Victorville CA, thanks soooo much, your cards are wonderful!
  52. Laurel L and friends, Naperville IL.....thank you ladies for a great package of cards! Beautiful!!
  53. Barbara L. and the My Star Stampers, Franklin, MA - Thank you so much for inviting us to participate in your event, and for doing a card drive - great job!  
  54. Sandy L, Lafayette IN.....thank you for the package of cards. Much appreciated!
  55. Daniela M., New London, NH - Great package of cards - really loved the vintage Christmas ones!
  56. Lynne M, Hoquiam WA, wow! Thanks so much, what a great box of cards! Your shipping donation is muuuuch appreciated, bless you!
  57. Nancy N., Randolph, NJ - Beautiful cards, thanks for preparing them for shipping so well and including envelopes too!  
  58. Jacqueline N, Sherwood Park Alberta Canada! Wow thank you so much for such beautiful cards from up north----you're a blessing!
  59. Laura O., Cottontown, TN - Thank you for the beautiful cards, as always, and those amazing any hero letters from the 4th and 5th grade classes - just awesome!
  60. Loraine R, Whittier CA, love your cards, thanks sooooo much for sharing your talents!
  61. Wendy S., Raleigh, NC - Thank you so much for the great box, and big thanks to your nephews and their homeschool group for helping out too!  
  62. The Ink Junkies, Elyria OH.....thank you ladies for the wonderful package of cards!!!

  63. To the navy wives in Marysville - wow, what an amazing productive cardmaking party! Thanks so much for all your work!
  64. Sam M and The Brushwackers, Pharr TX......thank you so much for the gorgeous painted cards! Love these!!
  65. Jennifer A, Palmer AK......what lovely cards!!  These are great!
  66. Cindy M, Normal IL.....another wonderful box of cards! Love them!
  67. Daria Z, Middleton WI.....WOW!! Your daughters and their friends did a great job making these cards!
  68. Linda K, Indianapolis IN.....another great box of cards! Thanks for your continued support!
  69. Nancy K, Hattiesburg MS.....what great Christmas cards! Beautiful!
  70. Ione S, Wilson OK..thank you for the beatiful cards and Any Hero letters.  Much appreciated!
  71. Jennifer M, Marshfield WI......Thank you for the wonderful cards!  Very pretty!
  72. Carol C and Sue S, Papillon NE......thank you for the wonderful cards and your continued support!
  73. Allison R, Seffner FL.....very pretty cards!! Much appreciated!
  74. Elsie L, Warrenton MO......thank you for the wonderful cards!!! Love them!
  75. Jeanette M, Oliver Springs TN.....lovely cards!!!  Thanks so much!
  76. Sara H, Mabank TX.....thank you for the great cards.  They are beautiful!
  77. Marsha D, Eversone WA, thanks for the awesome selection of cards!!
  78. To our anonymous donor in Youngsville NC - wow!! What amazing talent, thank you for sharing these awesome cards!
  79. Patti S, St Louis MO - beautiful Christmas cards, thank you so much - and your AnyHero cards are going to bring smiles for sure!
  80. Joan T, Mooresville IN, thanks for all the AMAZING cards,wow!!
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  84. none
  85. Debbie B., Marcia B., Debbie F., Sonya H., Angela R., Charles Schwab & Company, Fishers, IN - Thanks for donating cards to Operation Write Home as a work-related project - sounds like a fun place to work!  
  86. Mary S., Camden, NY - Thank you for the wonderful assortment of all-purpose cards - these are just great!  
  87. Salina D., Massena, NY - Cute cards!  Thank you so much for sharing them with Operation Write Home!
  88. Amy J., Vernon Hill, VA - Thank you so much for the package of cards, and a generous shipping donation too!  
  89. Pamela L., Mineral Bluff, GA - Thank you so much for the great package of holiday cards - and special thanks for the Chanukah Cards!
  90. Nina H., New York, NY - Thank you so much for the holiday cards, and kudos to you for thinking of our military kids!
  91. Chandra T., South Haven, MN - Thanks for making some general winter theme cards - they are just perfect!
  92. Leslie T., Willoughby Hills, OH - Thanks so much for the fabulous holiday cards!  
  93. Karen H., Monticello, MN - Your cards are simply stunning, thank you so much for the donation!
  94. Stephanie G., New York, NY - Another great package LOADED with holiday cards - thank you so much - you will make many a hero's day!  
  95. Jeanne N., Murfreesboro, TN - Thank you so much for the wonderful donation of cards to fit our donated A9 envelopes - and welcome to OWH!  
  96. Jen  H., Laurel, MD - Thank you for participating in Elle's Studio Challenge, and for your donation to Operation Write Home!
  97. Donna S, Sheridan WY - thank you so much for the lovely cards - and the wonderful shipping donation!!!
  98. Judie F and Paula P, Coeur d'Alene ID - lovely lovely cards, thank you!! And your generous shipping donation is an amazing blessing!!
  99. Valerie M, San Jose CA - Oh my!! So many beauuuuutiful cards, thank you!!!
  100. Joan W, Tacoma WA - thanks so much for the wonderful cards!
  101. Lillian L, YongsanAG, South Korea - wow! Thank you soooo much, awesome cards!
  102. Cindy and Los Gatos Elks Lodge #1857! You guys are awesome---I really needed lots of Christmas cards and you came through in spades..thank you! The AnyHero letters are much appreciated, CIndy!
  103. Laura Y. and the Mt. Hermon Church Creative Ministry, Bassett, VA - Thank you so much for the great assortment of cards, our service men and women will love them!
  104. Claire L. and the Philly Inkers, Philadelphia, PA - Thanks for the great assortment of general and holiday cards - your donation is appreciated!
  105. Barbara H., Bowman, GA - WOW!  Your cards are beautiful, thank you so much for sending them to OWH!
  106. Girl Scout Troop 30396, Warren, MA - Thank you so much for the wonderful any hero letters - they will surely bring a smile!
  107. Lori R., Springfield, VA - Thank you so much for the great Chanukah, Christmas, and general cards - they are most excellent!  

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