Saturday, October 10, 2009

Welcome, new cardmakers!

This post is especially for those first stumbling onto our site - and we want to say WELCOME to the OWH family! We know you have some quick questions right off the bat, so here are the answers to the most commonly emailed questions!

Where do I send my cards? Our shippers are listed on the MAILROOM page under the flashing arrow. (Watch the cool mailroom video while you're there!)

What are the basic requirements? There are more tips on each page of our website — but if you follow these, you've got a great start:
  1. No glitter. Seriously. It's a hazard for our heroes, so we won't send cards with any glitter that will flake off the card. Read more.
  2. A2 sized cards. Most efficient for our shipping dollars, so we strongly recommend A2 (4.25" x 5.5" - half a sheet of cardstock). Read more.
  3. No storebought. Yep, pretty straightforward. Our heroes don't like them, so we send them our cards filled with love and creativity! Read more.
  4. Watch the deadlines. We have to mail cards 5-6 weeks ahead of a holiday, so check out the deadlines posted on our homepage, on the left side. Those are the very last last last dates, so aim for a couple weeks earlier if at all possible, since we start shipping 8 weeks ahead.
  5. Any quantity. One card to 100 to 500 — every card matters! We recommend emphasizing quality over quantity...relax, do your best, and pour lots of love into each card! 
  6. Packing Slip. Download this handy packing slip and write in your contact info and quantity—the shipper will be able to email you to let you know your cards arrived. If you haven't heard back you can also check the Thankful Thursday post each week to see if they've arrived. Our shippers get lots of packages every day, so please give them some grace in getting back to you.
Can I write to a hero? Sure! Include one or two with each package of cards—just a short note to encourage a deployed warrior!  Read more.

Who do I make a donation check out to? Write it out to Operation Write Home. You can send a check (or a few dollars) to any of the shippers when you send in your cards. You can also send in a gift via Paypal. Your donations are tax deductible. Read more.

What's the best way to keep up with OWH? Join thousands of our cardmakers on our Facebook Fan Page! You can see a preview of the fan page off to the right in our sidebar of this blog.

How do I get an OWH stamp for the backs of my cards? Check out the links here! (You can send your cards in without the backs stamped, but it speeds our shippers' work if you're able to take care of that before mailing them in!)

How do I package up my cards? Any kind of packaging is fine! Boxes, bubble or manila envelopes, whatever works. Check out the link here for some tips that could save you some shipping money, as well as a little more about packing.

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