Sunday, November 1, 2009

Did you miss the Christmas card deadline?

We're coming to the end of accepting the Christmas can still mail them Mon and Tues (Nov 2 and 3) to get to us by the end of the week. The shippers are busy packing up boxes!

Miss the deadline? Don't stress!
You can still help our heroes for the holidays, even if you're only now coming upon our website or finding the cards you set aside to mail to us!  
Do you have...

...handmade Christmas/holiday cards? If you still have some, you can write notes in them and make them AnyHero Christmas mail! If it's a lot, take them to your church, office, or other group and ask them each to write a note. Mail them to any shipper by Dec 1st. (Or email them if you'll be a little later and see when they can still accept them.)

...storebought Christmas/holiday cards? You can also turn these into AnyHero Christmas mail! Check out your stash of cards from last year and see what you won't be using.

...winter cards? These would include things like "Happy winter" "Winter wishes" or cards with snowmen/snowflakes etc on them. The kind that can be used PAST Christmas to just send a note. (ie they wouldn't have Christmas trees, wreaths, Merry Christmas, or baby Jesus on them.) You can continue sending those in through the winter; if they make it into a very late box going to our heroes in December, they still *might* work for them as Christmas cards, but if not, at least they won't be un-use-able.

Still want to make more cards? We sure hope so! If you have more holiday mojo, you can continue making winter cards (as described above), or start on Valentines. Again if you think you might be late in mailing Valentines (deadline is Jan 5th), please make LOVE cards that don't say "Happy Valentines Day" on them, and they can be used past the holiday. Keep an eye on the Mailroom Monday posts to see what each shipper might need in particular if you want to target your creativity.

Thank you to everyone who's been sending in all these awesome cards to bless our deployed heroes - they are appreciated! Be sure to check out the letters on the Hero Blog and see how much they love them!

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